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Thursday, June 12, 2008

writers, musicians and marigolds

My kids are off to a good start with this year's beach day count. They have gone every day since Lucy finished school - that is if you include pond beaches. Which we do.

Today we went to Pilgrim Lake. There were very few people there, and since I never see anyone I know, I didn't even look at them. Usually they are renting nearby houses for a week or so, never to be seen again. I don't mean that in an "eaten by wild June Bugs" way, so much as in a "I can barely remember what I had for lunch, much less remember someone a year later" way.

So of course as I'm hauling my kids out of the water after 45 minutes of 5 minute warnings, I realize that I know one of the women sitting at the edge of the water. Not only do I know her, but I was thrilled recently to recognize her picture on the inside flap of this book. I like her very much and would be much friendlier if I could ever remember if she is Martha or Heather. They are twins and although they are easy to tell apart I can never remember which name goes with who (see reference to "what I had for lunch" above). The book is great and I was very pleased to be able to say I know the author - as if knowing someone who wrote a book and had it published somehow reflects favorably on me.

In other Famous People news, we had Howard Zinn's computer here at the house the other day, which is probably as close as I will ever come to having an intelligent conversation with him.

And in still other Famous People news Kami Lyle and Joey Spampinato not only came to Lucy's recital but asked to be invited again next year. I would say they were just being nice except for the fact that they stayed and paid attention FOR ALL THREE HOURS, which is more than I can say for myself. They are dreamy and who can help but love them? They are the sort of musicians that make other musicians open and close their mouths and turn shades of red when they meet them. I am obviously not a musician, as I have absolutely no trouble at all saying completely moronic things in front of them.

And in unrelated Famous People news, I ran into an acquaintance at the garden center today. I read her blog regularly - in which she pulls out her heart and says "here you go." It was kind of funny chatting with her, knowing (or feeling like I know) her as well as I do after reading what she's written. I didn't mention her blog, only admitted that I was busy replacing all the plants I had managed to kill in my garden.

Yes, I have killed a great deal of plants already and it is only mid June. Death toll includes 4 eggplants, countless tomatoes and a flat of cukes, not to mention the mixed greens, carrots and beets which were eaten, mercilessly and without so much as a souvenir stalk, by bugs.

I planted marigolds today. Take that, bugs.


jenrebecc said...

but you are afraid of pilgrim lake!!!

Susan said...

jenrebecc - Egads, not THAT Pilgrim Lake.

JAbel said...

You can't go wrong with a Duck on the cover.I wish it was legal to raise ducks in West L.A.

jenrebecc said...

ah, a different pilgrim lake, that 'splains everything. i was starting to worry about just what you were willing to sacrifice for those children to grow up well balanced, i mean butterfly mid-wifery is one thing, but that lake is quite another!

rock and roll mama said...

I have killed many plants recently as well. Marigolds seem impervious though, they're very hardy. That's actually E's middle name. :)
Yeah for you on the beaches! We need more of them inside the beltway.

Susan said...

jabel - you'd probably have to keep them inside and call them housepets, which I don't recommend. We had chickens in the livingroom, so trust me on this one.

jenrebecc - what more do I have to sacrifice? I swear in pig latin now.

rock and roll mama - ooooh, beaches within the beltway! I'll be right there.