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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

happy campers

When my nephew was here we went to Trader Joe's so he could a) pick out things to eat when we were having Love Burgers with soy cheese and "bacon" on hemp buns and b) pick out a few things to send to his sister at camp.

I wanted to send a care package but didn't want to be that aunt who sends all the wrong things. I remember being 18 and thinking "a CHECK, woman! What is so freaking hard about a CHECK?" So my nephew pointed things out that she likes and I tossed them into the cart. Turns out they were all things I like but try not to buy because I am not a teenager and do not want to have our contractor friend make my doorways bow out in the middle to accommodate my girth, as his wife gamely suggested.

I got all the stuff home, put it in its own little bag and shook my boney finger at the rest of the family. "Do not eat! No! Bad! Down!" And so it was safe until I found a box to put it in. I was not in a rush because she's there all summer and I know she just got a care package from my sister. Always trying to outdo me, that one. Always wants her daughter to love HER just a little more than she loves ME.

A couple weeks later, I have the box but it is still empty. It is still empty because there is now a BEAR at camp and we are not allowed to send food to campers. For some reason they think it's a bad idea for the kids to keep food in their cabins. Meanwhile my nephew has joined his sister and now both of these sweet children are cohabitating with a bear. I am not within range to tell that bear a thing or two and am feeling mightily helpless.

I occasionally seek solace in my niece's package of truffles. And then I move on to the chocolate covered pretzels. I kind of love bears right now.


Rock and Roll Mama said...

The chocolate covered pretzels are the best best best, and if we had eleventy twenty I would go eat them right now. Sometimes, mummies need the sugar.:)

Susan said...

rock and roll mama - have you tried the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels? Heavens to Betsy.

JAbel said...

I wonder if the Cape Trader Joes sells the Chocolate covered Cranberries.Every October I have to bring bags of those back to my friend in Western N.Y..He and his wife and daughter have spent a week in Chatam every summer for the past five years and I tell him someone on the Cape has to sell them(besides a natl chain like Trader Joe's)