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Monday, July 28, 2008

floored and tabled

I am involved in a rollercoaster relationship. It's on-again, off-again and there seems no easy answer in sight. It is a love/hate relationship and it is strictly between me and the downstairs kitchen.

We've decided it will keep us all more sane if we use the downstairs kitchen instead of cleaning and stocking two kitchens - ours (up), and my mother-in-law's (down). As usual, this is the royal "we," but it does seem as though everyone is on board. Bearing that in mind, WE stomped our not so tiny feet and demanded a more pleasant atmosphere in the downstairs kitchen before WE would deign to put our handpainted pottery on its shelves. We may have tossed our hair and stood with our backs to the offending cabinets, stony-faced.

We (Chris) got an estimate for ripping out everything (including a wall) and replacing everything with shiny! new! appliances, cabinetry, floors and hopefully a new lemon zester as I have lost mine. And when I came home that day, I found him on the couch breathing into a paper bag.

Which was actually good because suddenly it had occurred to me that it would perhaps not be so easy for a blind person (such as my mother-in-law) to find her way around the kitchen once we had put the sink where the stove is and an alligator pit where the refrigerator used to be. She does quite well finding what she needs now. Can you imagine if we arbitrarily shifted the contents of all the drawers? Diabolical.

So after days of kitchen planning (thanks, IKEA!), Chris and I both came to the conclusion that it was not to be.

Or is it? Today Chris called me and told me he has someone lined up to put in a new floor and all I need to do is pick out tile/linoleum. I mention this to a friend, who tells me about Marmoleum. I find a place that sells Marmoleum, go look at samples, and promptly get so excited I can barely speak. Chris, on the other hand, is still not convinced. This leads me to believe that a total kitchen redo would have landed us all in the loony bin.

In other words, my kitchen asked me to marry it, but didn't give me a ring and won't commit to a date. It did, however, suggest we live together first and see how it goes. I think there's hope.


Bella said...

marmoleum is an incredibly cool product. cork is also a cool product and has a cushion factor. think drop pottery and maybe not break it. it also comes in tile but has to be sealed. i have loads of ideas for a kitchen redo! let's all do tea and i'll really scare Chris.

Fred said...

After all the outdoor stuff gets done, I'm thinking about a kitchen redo, too - I already have my eye on some great retro-looking modern appliances - thinking about terra cotta tiles or reclaimed wood planks for the floor, maybe american clay for the walls - I found a great looking farmhouse apron sink, too (I hope it's still available - I linked to it last summer) - I'm still thinking about counter tops and ceiling ideas - maybe tin for the ceiling, maybe some sort of wood plank look (if I don't do that for the floor). Fortunately, I like my cabinets, I'm just thinking of getting the refinished/painted and maybe changing the hardware, too.

Susan said...

bella - oooh, cork! I saw that somewhere but was afraid it was too porous for kitchen use. We must have tea.

Fred - If it's a retro look you want, I'll pull out all our kitchen stuff and have it delivered! It's pre-distressed.