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Saturday, July 5, 2008

rain date

"It's amazing what people will put up with for free food," said our host as he looked out over a yard full of rain-drenched friends. I, of course, was helping myself to yet more potato salad and could not reply with much more than a fervent nod of the head. I for one will put up with far worse than a bit of rain.

Yes, today it rained on the biggest party of the year. No, it didn't stop anything.

They hung sails from the trees and made huge covered areas where we could stand and listen to the bands. They put up tents for food and another tent where the civilized people sat. There was a bouncey castle that got better with the rain - making it a bouncey slip-n-slide castle. And there was a dunk-tank. You know, one of those tanks where someone sits on the seat and calls the person throwing the balls a lily-white, tutu-wearing, choir Mary until finally the lwtwcm lands a ball on the small disk, propelling the heckler into a tank of cold water. Lucy barely moved from her spot and watched probably an hour of this behavior.

Lucy and Studley had a fine time, moving from band to buffet to bouncey castle and back via the dunking spectacle. They ate probably twice their body weight, which I wish meant that I don't have to feed them breakfast tomorrow. It does not mean that. At all. In fact, what with all the bouncing and dunking and dancing and whatnot, they will probably be sitting at the breakfast table with forks poised when I wake up tomorrow - waiting for half a dozen scrambled eggs, toast and homefries. These children, I do not know what to make of them.

And then as we drove through Orleans on our way home I noticed a line of people making their way to Rock Harbor. So we parked the car, and like good little lemmings, followed them. We were about half way down Rock Harbor Road when the fireworks started. At first we could just see the sky turning colors - like an Aurora Borealis. We also saw lightening bugs. And then we could see some sparkling over the treetops. And then we could see whole fireworks displays - pink sparkly ones, gold glittery ones and the ones that look like Sideshow Bob's hair.

Finally we made it down to the harbor, where we had about 10 minutes of fireworks and the finale. Then the tide of lemmings turned and pushed back up the road into town.

And now my little bouncey castle inhabitants are snug in their beds, where visions of fireflies dance in their heads (or maybe they're dreaming of potato salad - it's hard to tell).


thefoodsnob said...

Love Sideshow Bob!
It didn't rain in Sandwich (much.) We went to the parade and the field games for the kids. Sadly, my lovely sense of balance had me twist my knee while walking off a sidewalk so I couldn't run the road race.
I HAD to console myself by going to the Brown Jug (did you know they have a new, seperate wine shop?)
Left my money there!

Susan said...

hey Foodsnob, welcome back to the Cape! I'm sorry about the sidewalk thing but really it all worked out for the best what with the wine and all. Good they were there to help. Miss your posts in Food Snob Land but imagine you're busy with new job (and wine).

JAbel said...

I started reading thefoodsnob blog through your links and I really enjoyed it.One of my old frat brothers is a Sandwich police officer.Last I saw he was in charge of vehicle maint. which is a hoot considering how he drove in Boston.