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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My sister and I are not so very much alike. We've never shared clothes or fought over boys. Still, she's pretty good at knowing who I will get along with. She bases this on random things, like "this person doesn't use microwaves, she will get along with Susan." And she's generally right. She was extra right when she told me I would like Lindsay. Lindsay has music spilling out of her house, as do I. We get along swimmingly.

So swimmingly, in fact, that Lindsay just tagged me for a meme.

This meme respectfully requests six random things about me. When I saw it I thought who better to list 6 random yet poignant things about me than my sister? But she only checks her email fortnightly, so I asked a few friends as back-up (because I am too lazy to think of things myself):

Fred says I am unable to write the Declaration of Independence on the head of a pin. What he may not know is that I can sing the Preamble to the US Constitution at the drop of a hat.

Jennifer says I have an inordinate amount of patience, which is proof that my internal volume control is working. She also called me a white witch. Is this good? Is that like Glenda? I had a dream once in which I had to decide between being a good witch or a bad witch. I chose to be a good witch because I liked the clothes better and because the housing had cooler lighting.

Liz says I have an overwhelming weakness for certain ceramics and I read Proust. The most Proust I've read lately is his name, here in this post. But the nice thing about reading Proust is that once you have done so, you are thereafter known as someone who reads Proust. Which is very snottily fabulous.

Paisley Trebuchet says that I want to write something scandalous under the pen name of Paisley Trebuchet. She adds that I have plans to start a band called The Persnicketies, in which I will play the zither. She is also quick to point out that I don't know that many real live flesh and blood people.

Wait! What's this?! My sister checked her email! Her random fact is that I have an awesome sister.

So now, tag, you're it. Will the following bloggers please post 6 random facts about themselves:



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late breaking news - my nephew says I can pull some pretty sick moves to the song "Conga"


Rock and Roll Mama said...

Yeah!!!! Paisley Trebuchet may be the best name ever. OMG. Iwant to be re-born so I can sport that name- oh, all right, I'll step off your alias. I'll be Clementine. :)

Fred said...

I may not have known, but I certainly could have guessed it to be so ... gotta love Schoolhouse Rock!

I worked with a woman named "Molly" and it was all I could do not to sing the adverb song whenever I talked to her.

Damn ... 6 random things about me, I can probably do ... it's linking to 6 other bloggers that's going to be tough!

jenrebecc said...

that's what i was thinking

Liz said...

ok, it's up and random

Fred said...

You asked for it:

"Without the capacity to provide its own information, the mind drifts into randomness."

Susan said...

you are all very good sports. And Clementine, do you want to be in my band? xxoo, Paisley

jenrebecc said...

ten four good buddy. all done. now i have to run and be a gc and bring building plans to my builder.

Ha-Hoo said...

Oh, you are to blame for this.
Luckily, I am a type Double D drinker so you are forgiven.
You rip on Conga!
May I audition for your band on my glockenspiel?
SHR!figure skating will forever make me sad.