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Sunday, July 13, 2008

week in review

I forgot to tell you all about my macrobiotic cooking class, didn't I? Were you hoping I'd forget? Did you think if you were really quiet I'd get distracted with something all sparkly somewhere else?

Well I didn't, and here's the deal. Two lovely people made dinner for me and three other women, all the while explaining what they were doing and what that brown gloppy stuff was. And then we all sat down to dinner, at which point the hostess turned to me and said "so Susan, how long have you been vegan?" And I was so sad because I was starving and the food looked delicious and I thought for sure I was going to be asked to leave.

So I kept my mouth too full to answer questions politely.

Really, I took the class in the same spirit I would take an Italian cooking class or a sushi class. I wanted to know what some of the ingredients were and how to use them. I needed some new recipes. And I wanted a night off. Okay there, I've said it. I don't give two hoots about going macrobiotic I just wanted a few hours of relative peace. Is it so much to ask?

And then the very next day my nephew arrived and I sort of forgot about everything. On the way home from the airport he plugged his iPod into my car stereo and made me listen to the original Broadway cast sing "All Shook Up." He prefaced this action by saying, "I know how you hate musical theater, but...." And as we were driving I realized that not only were we listening to a Broadway soundtrack but oh for the love of all things holy, it was looping. Which made me think, if you can make me listen to musicals, I can make you eat eggplant.

Eggplant, as it turns out, is not macrobiotic. It is a deadly nightshade. Lucky for me, I too am not macrobiotic - and I will find a way to sneak eggplant into a meal and get my nephew to eat it.

The eating thing has gone much better this year. Partially because I haven't served lentils, and partially because he likes sushi now. Oh yes I still threaten him with sprouted spelt, but the thrill is wearing off because he doesn't turn the same shade of green he did when he first started sitting down to meals here.

Here are some things we've done which I may or may not remember to tell you about at some point:
  • We went to a bay beach, where I got sunburned.
  • We went to an ocean beach, see above.
  • We went to see Brad Garrett, who I had never heard of because according to my nephew I am Amish.
  • We went to see a play at WHAT for Kids (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater), which turned out to be, you guessed it, a musical
  • We went bumper boating and trampolining
  • We discussed music for about three minutes before discovering that he had never heard of anything I listen to and I'd never heard of anything he listens to
I think that's all. I am pooped and there's still more on our agenda. Oh and I'm working while all this reckless frivolity is going on. Tra la! Sleep? Whatever.



Wow sounds like a fantastic nephew you have there!!
By the sounds of his appetite I am sure he would love the following foods sent to his room.
Chips: Pringles, Cheetoes, etc
Those delicious chocolate and peanut-butter covered pretzels from Trader Joes
and maybe so more sushi.

Sounds like Susan needs to enjoy some more Broadway, play on with your ipod my friend!

JAbel said...

You saw Brad Garrett do what?Some kind of acting I hope or does he do"standup"Please tell me it wasn't singing show tunes.With that voice he'd make even Michael Bolton seem like a singer instead of someone sounding like a cat being strangled.Thank god it wasn't the late 70's and you were taken to see Leif Garrett.Serve that nephew Chocolate covered sushi.You have to DEAL with wiseguys.

Susan said...

Dear I Heart Susan's Nephew - I do have a fantastic nephew, thank you for noticing. Now go to sleep because we have a big day tomorrow. xx

jabel - I am counting my blessings RIGHT NOW. Leif Garrett indeed.

thefoodsnob said...

How old is he that he's listening to Broadway tunes and doesn't know any of your music!!

(I personally LIKE spelt, though in moderation, and where are bumper boats please? I am headed back up next weekend for the Dennis Road Race.)


Susan said...

Lisa - I like spelt too, although not as much as I like bumper boats. They are in Harwich, on Route 28 at a place called Grand Slam. It is near A&W, the trampolines and the go-carts. Have fun!

jenrebecc said...

speaking of spelt! i have ten lbs of seed that i will be spreading and using as my 'back yard' grass (planting is late summer or early fall). so, if you need any spelt sprouts, i will let you know when they are ready. if thats how it works. i dont know, i am not an ancient roman farmer.