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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

creating realities, a.k.a lying to the neighbors

Yesterday Lucy was riding her bike around the block. She still has training wheels and the whole thing needs to be oiled, which makes us a noisy lot. Rumble, rumble. Squeak.

As we rounded the corner, I noticed there was a new car in The Rental Property. There is only one summer rental in our neighborhood. I think this is unusual for these parts, but almost all of us on this street live here year round - except for the retired couple who have four houses and seven vehicles and do pretty much whatever they want.

Anyway, as I trotted alongside Lucy on her bicycle (rumble rumble), the people in the Rental Property Yard looked up. I waved. I thought I should say something, but they went back to what they were doing (inventorying hermit crabs, drying towels, cursing the weather or whatever people on vacation do these days) and we did not chat.

And as we pedaled away (squeak!!!) it occurred to me that they might think that we, too, are on vacation. As always, Lucy looked like she had to cobble together something warm from her suitcase of summer clothes. And I looked a little vacationy, too. I had on a Wellfleet t-shirt and everyone knows you only wear vacation town t-shirts once you've gotten home. Hog's Breath Saloon. Hard Rock Cafe. Those Prince Edward Island mud-dyed shirts. You think the locals wear those?

Besides, what could be more vacationy than learning to ride a bike down a quiet road at the end of the day? Now that I think of it, we look like we're on vacation a lot.

So here's my plan. I'm going to start conversations with the Revolving Renters down the street. I'll find out where they're from and how long they're staying and I'll make up a story from there. From now on, I'm renting. I'm here with my family for (insert arbitrary number of weeks greater or equal to that of the Renters) and live in (someplace where they're not from). We're happy to be on vacation and love love love the place we found to rent. Did you know there are CHICKENS? And it has SUCH CHARACTER. We can't believe we finally got a week - we've been trying to get this house for years but it's always booked with repeat renters. We called at midnight on the first day the owners were booking new rentals and WOULD YOU BELIEVE? There was finally space!

I'll do this week after week, with a new story for each renter. By the end of the summer I will have myself convinced that I've had a fabulous summer getaway. And people will be begging to rent the house with the chickens. Just you wait.


thefoodsnob said...

You've convinced me, where do I sign?


Anonymous said...

I love this idea. A fabulous adventure of pretend that can be woven into wonderful blog postings. What's not to like? The chickens are all the hook I need.


Susan said...

Lisa & Sophie - I am so glad you agree. I was sure I was onto something. I just can't get caught doing yard work (right! what are the chances of that?!?!)

Lesha said...

Just tell them you get discounted rent if you agree to keep up the yard for the time you are there!