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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

data dump after blog withdrawl

There's a saying about how once you get Cape Cod sand in your shoes you always want to come back. I'm sure the same could be said for using a power sander on Cape Cod. You would totally want to hang out here more if you came and spent a day sanding.

Update: Chris borrowed this big sander thingy from his friend and boy howdy is it fun to use. It makes me sing the Ghostbusters theme song when I wield it, and what is more fun than that? We've done all the ceilings and many of the walls. If you are moving into a house where a smoker lived, do yourself a favor and get one of these sander thingies. It is mind-boggling what a difference it makes. And it makes you look like Sigourney Weaver when you carry it around.

This morning I woke up and realized I was dreaming about arranging my spices on the shelves that are too narrow to do anything practical with. I think I've been dreaming about the move a lot, as I feel like I've moved about 40 times already and we haven't taken a single thing downstairs yet. Phew. I'm beat.

We've been working as a team these last couple days, with one person removing the nails/screws/thumbtacks and the other following with the sander. Now you may be wondering what's so hard about taking out nails/screws/thumbtacks. And the simple answer is that there's nothing particularly hard about it. Unless there are hundreds of them. In doors, window frames, walls, trim - no surface is safe. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

Chris reminded me that both his parents are theater people. "Have you ever seen back stage at a theater?" he asked. Everything's glued and wired and rigged. So I guess our new motto is Trout Towers: looks good from a distance (in dim light).

I love that his parents were theater people. This place is ridiculous with character. I just came across the most beautiful ashtray, cigarette box and matchbox holder I have ever seen. It had Japanese trees and bridges and blossoms on it, which is funny because the motif is a bit incongruous with smoking, don't you think? But then, what are the options? I don't think rodeo themed cigarette boxes were nearly as popular with the beatnik set.

It's really a shame I don't smoke.

I could take up smoking those long cigarettes when I play Mah Jongg. I still don't know what Mah Jongg is, but Liz directed me to a Mah Jongg class that starts in September. At first I was disillusioned because if it's offered as a class it's already too mainstream to be pretentious. Except the class is at town hall in the middle of the day which means its target audience is not the average working mom. I picture a bunch of aging beatniks gathering to play Mah Jongg, wearing kaftans. I think you have to wear a kaftan. I bet my theater-person mother-in-law knows how to play.

The class description says "Learn to play this exciting and challenging game. Using tiles, Mah Jongg requires thinking, finesse and most of all strategy." I don't know about thinking and strategy, but I'd like to learn some finesse.

"This ancient Chinese game has become extremely popular in recent years." Wait, what?!? Then why has no one heard of it?

And why doesn't it specify a dress code?

Also, it's at 9:30 in the morning, which is I think even too early for beatniks to be drinking. It's also too early for any kind of appetizers to be served and I can't imagine learning to play a game if there are no snacks. Besides, even with my schedule it would be tough to swing a 9:30 class. And I am very artistic when it comes to my work schedule.

Speaking of posing as artists, Chris came home today and announced that Rod Stewart was playing in Orleans on Friday. Now I am not a Rod Stewart fan, but I would TOTALLY GO for the sake of saying I had totally gone. I might also go in the same spirit as I went to see Village People. I anticipated a train wreck, and when they didn't I felt somehow cheated. Someone owes me a musical trainwreck here, people!

Ah, Rod Stewart. When I googled it, it turned out to be a Rod Stewart tribute, which can't be considered a trainwreck because the trainwreckness is implicit.

Rod, you're so dreamy.

You're ageless, timeless, lace and fineness, you're beauty and elegance


JAbel said...

I used to see Rod Stewart all the time back in the late 80's at this large outdoor mall in Century City near me and he always gave me this look that I got the feeling I looked like some fringe player in the music or movie buisness he knew and that I had borrowed money from him and never paid it back.Then one day as I was looking in a window at Brentanos books there I see Rod reflected behind me and as I turn around he says"Aren't you so and so".I say no and he says well you look just like him.He gave another look like he didn't really believe me and oddly I've never run into him again.Though I did spy him and his gal pal across the street in Beverly Hills when he was still dating that aussie model Rachel?

Bella said...

once you've moved and all... are you going to start up a salon? i mean, i know you kind of do that already in a casual drop in basis but officially so that you may truly embrace pretentiousness?

Susan said...

jabel - that's awesome. You're being stalked by Rod Stewart.

Bella - I'm torn between "salon" and "atelier."

Lesha said...

I love the friendship bracelets on his wrist. I totally used to make those!

And I used to have Majong on my Treo and I'd play it while pumping at work.

Have fun sanding!

James said...

How can you tease me like this? For a moment it almost seemed like I could have seen Neil Diamond AND Rod Stewart in the same week. I mean, sure, I wouldn't have, but I COULD have. And that has to count for something!
P.S. Stay tuned for a C.O.D 48 hour Mah Jong tournament this winter!