‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Friday, August 22, 2008

domestic bliss

When Barbara Kingsolver made me buy a food dehydrator I went online and read customer reviews on the few I was thinking of getting. The one I settled on had many endearing qualities (it was cheap) but there were some strident complaints about the noise. According to the reviews, my dehydrator should be put in another room, if not another state. It is so loud people were suggesting it stay in the basement.

These people obviously do not live at Trout Towers, and have no concept of what "loud" is.

I'm dehydrating my first batch of cherry tomatoes right now. I cleaned a counter in a part of the house that's far from human life so we wouldn't have to wear shooting range ear protectors. Lucy put the produce from our garden on the drying trays; tomatoes, basil, parsley and celery. This would have been tedious for me, but she made the tomatoes look just like the picture on the box, all arranged in perfect circles and pretty as can be.

I just went to make sure it wasn't setting the house on fire and could not believe I had ostracized it. First of all, the noise? Whatever. My rotating fan makes more noise. Second of all, the smell is out of this world. Basil and tomatoes, celery and parsley, wafting through the house. Everyone is getting soup mix for Christmas this year.

Or maybe pickles. Tonight I'm going to a friend's house to help her make and can some pickles. I've never made pickles, but I did make some cranberry sauce once and that apparently makes me an expert.

I'm thinking I should get one of those bonnets, like in "I heart Huckabees."

Update: pickles made! No idea if they're edible, but no injuries were sustained in the canning process, so I'd call it a win.


Ambley said...

you would be gorgeous in that hat!

Susan said...

ambley - don't you think? It's between that and a Stepford apron.

When we were pickling, my friend had to go for more sealing thingies because hers weren't fitting her vintage jars. The guys at the hardware store couldn't believe what she needed them for. Apparently they expected her to be wearing that muslin bonnet, not a surf dress.