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Monday, August 4, 2008

hello, landfill!

What would you like an update on? Chickens? Renovations? Why I can't sleep?

I don't know why I can't sleep. After all, I did PHYSICAL LABOR today excavating the downstairs kitchen. Who needs six stacks of small Dunkin' Donuts coffee cups? Who? To be fair, it is so much easier to see someone else's proverbial stacks of disposable cups. I'm sure we have our own version up here, but I have ceased to see it. I think there was something in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy about this phenomenon. The really huge eyesore that you no longer notice because you've trained yourself not to. That phenomenon.

Here's the deal. We can't do the floors until the furniture/coffee cups/random unclaimed possessions are moved out of the rooms. We can't paint the walls until the floors are done. We can't move our stuff in until the floors and walls are done. We can't move everything we own out into the yard and JUST BURN IT ALREADY because the fire department won't issue us a burn permit in August no matter how politely we ask.

And the guy who, bless his sweet sweet heart, is going to help us repair the two huge holes in the drywall (?!?!?!) is going to be out of town for the next week or so.

So instead of dealing with it, I went shopping for paint.

Meanwhile, the chickens are fine. I think the coyote and fox families in our neighborhood have rented a house in Tuscany for the season. It is the only possible explanation for the super-abundance of bunnies currently populating our lawn. With all those bunnies to chose from, I think our chickens can finally relax.

And if anyone has a goat they'd like to pasture in our yard for a little while, please bring it by. I am all hot and bothered about having it eat the honeysuckle that's choking our lilacs. Such a simple solution. When it's done with the honeysuckle, maybe it could come inside for awhile and eat some plastic sporks. There's a whole drawer of them someplace. I'm sure of it.

Here's the gorgeous irony, I'm dumping all this stuff so there's room in the kitchen for our biodegradable bamboo sporks and my non-leaching, eternally reusable, stainless steel water bottle.


JAbel said...

I still recall when terms like Transfer Station meant the Town Dump and the Cape had good ones.We pulled a lot of useful things from the Truro Dump though sadly I never saw the Jug Band play a Dump Dance.As for bunnies it does seem Wellfleet and Truro have a LOT of them.One summer some friends had a big older house rented from a rather colorful older woman named Tut right by what used to be the Blacksmith Restaurant in Truro Center and as I lay napping in the hammock one afternoon bunnies galore came hopping out of the trees grazing on the grass all around me.

jenrebecc said...

if you do find a goat for let, i could sure use it for a spell down in the hollow. grass could use a trim (or a brush fire) before i plant my spelt.

Bella said...

bunnies must be a northeast phenomenon...we have them all over up here.
and about the irony, just keep telling yourself that you are using what you CAN and replacing with stuff that will last much much longer than you.
also, i hope you are picking a fun bright beachy colour. i have a few suggestions

Susan said...

Jabel - I love the dump dance!

Jenrebecc - will keep you posted. And if you find one first, swing it on by.

bella - I always love suggestions! We're now thinking of painting the floor (did I already say that?) which allows for one more color choice. Bring it on!

e.m.szuplat said...

they extended the killing- ahem- hunting season this year and so there are just about no more coyote. we haven't seen any up this way in a while now, though we did hear a big ruckus last night. a pack must be back.