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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Resolutions

Although I'm not always a fan of change, I do love times of transition. Which is why I love fall. January first is full of self-imposed resolutions - things we think we should do but won't. September is full of things we can't help doing . The kids start school this week and have been standing by the door with their lunchboxes for the last ten days. That makes my schedule free up and boy do I have a list of things I can't wait to dive into.

First of all, I need to get The Friends moved in. I cannot even believe that we get to have our friends living right upstairs from us.

I didn't tell anyone when Heather and her family found a place to live. I didn't want to push them out by being all "they're moving out - parteeeee!" and I also didn't want to jinx it. They desperately needed a place of their own so they can live life as a family instead of as caretakers. We are very excited for them.

We're also excited for us. On the day their place became available, I whispered to Liz "Heather is starting to move today." And she said, "can we move in?" I think she was joking. It's not always safe to joke around me because I pretty much started packing boxes for her.

That's a lie. I haven't even packed my own boxes. I see more of a Fire Brigade sort of move in our future, where we pass things from person to person until the upstairs is empty and the downstairs is groaning.

Our caretaking responsibilities are going smoothly. Ruth's at a point where she does most things by herself, so she's pretty much just a fifth family member if I work it right. She's being a very good sport about all the hubbub going on around her as we get the downstairs ready to move into.*

If you're confused about the upstairs/downstairs thing, it's essentially a two-family home. The downstairs has three bedrooms and all the accoutrements of home including a sunny spot to eat breakfast and a fireplace in the livingroom. There are kitchens upstairs and down so eventually when we are living in the whole house we can be kosher. Can you be kosher if you're not Jewish? Maybe we'll have a vegan/non-vegan kitchen. The one we don't use will be the vegan one.

There are other things, too. Studley is starting school, plus I have an awesome "you take my kids I'll take yours" gig set up so I have TWO GLORIOUS DAYS to do my own work in addition to my one day of sanctioned employment (Chris stays home one day a week). This is the closest to Master of My Own Week I've been in six years.

Whatever shall I do in those two glorious days? Oh the lists. All those projects I've been pushing to the background while things were too crazy to breathe. No, I'm not taking up scrapbooking.

I also get to see Chris on Monday. He's been cloning himself all summer so he can be in six places at once. He forgot to clone an extra version to be at home so we've been missing him. And maybe it won't be Monday, as he will probably sleep for Monday and most of Tuesday.

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. I mostly hope you don't have to go to the store for anything. Don't forget to wear your white shoes and gloves today and Monday as a last hurrah. What? Your mother didn't forbid white shoes after labor day?

It's all okay, there are no rules forbidding post-summer flip flops.


* If you're a newcomber, Ruth's my mother-in-law. She's blind and although she needs help with things like driving and caligraphy, she's a rock solid inspiration.

also I just noticed that I have the word "transition" in a post that has "labor" in the title. I don't mean that kind of transition.

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