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Sunday, August 17, 2008

live entertainment

I have been outdone in every way.

Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of the parties I've had for my kids. I've made tutus for everyone (children and adults), I've had fairy extravaganzas and I've hired bands, but I've never pulled off a party like the one I just went to.

First of all, we drove up to the house and there were brightly colored beach balls hanging from the trees like lanterns. The lawn was bestrewn with inflated pools and huge inflated sea creatures. There was a basket with beach towels rolled up and waiting for the kids. There was a basket of every kind of sunscreen imaginable. There were places to sit under trees and canopies and there was lots of food. Oh, lots of food, how I love you.

If you are reading this and you need to throw a summer party, steal all these ideas RIGHT NOW. It was awesome.

At one point a man introduced himself to a friend of mine. "Hi, I'm Tom," he said. Simple enough, except that he used to be speaker of the house and now has his own radio show. Does he really ever have to introduce himself? Or do people just come up and start talking to him, willy-nilly?

And then another friend of ours told this story about how his brother caught a falling toddler a couple weeks ago. Falling as in OFF A SECOND STORY LEDGE. He said his brother saw the crowd and the toddler, went and found a legal place to park and since everyone was too far back he walked under where the child was sitting. The child, I'm told, proceeded to pick up tiny pebbles from the ledge and dropped them on his soon-to-be-savior. And then he lost his balance and this friend's brother caught him.

Nuts, no?

So not only have I been outdone with decor and food, I have been outdone in the influential guest and crazy story departments, too.

I have two birthday parties to plan and believe me, I'm taking a second look at my guest list. I am currently taking applications from famous people and friends with heroic siblings. Or better yet, I'll up the ante. Have you done anything heroic yourself? Please let me know so I can invite you. Personal heroics trump sibling heroics, I do believe.

What's the most heroic thing you've done or seen?


Fred said...

OK .. time for another story from my past ...

My friends & I used to go tubing down the Esopus River, near Saugerties, NY. We'd rent inner tubes, take a little bus up a few miles, then ride the inner tubes down the river. Mostly, it was pretty calm, but there were some rocks and a few tricky places.

We brought my pal Scott's 5 or 6 year old nephew, Eric, with us; he rode in a tube with Scott's wife, Marina.

At some point, Marina & Eric hit some turubulence and were tossed from their inner tube. I was nearby and jumped out of mine, grabbed Eric and the tube, tossed him up onto the top of their tube, then grabbed Marina around her waist and we rode out the rest of the rapids we were in, Marina's and my legs hitting various submerged rocks, until we got to a calm spot where we could get everyone back into their own tubes. Scott, who was a bit ahead of us, had managed to snag my tube before it went too far away downstream.

Fred said...

Oh, and you have nothing to be ashamed about with the parties you've thrown - I still have my party hat from the tutu party and my play-do from the rock & roll party ... I see them and I remember great parties!

(though really ... I think from now on, every birthday party needs a raw bar)

JAbel said...

I once threw a friend's wife's Michael Bolton tape out the car window doing about 70 on the Florida Turnpike a bit south of Miami making sure it broke into litlle pieces so no one else would ever have to go through that pain again.On a flight from Orlando to L.A. one year a lady next to me had an infant a very bad cold and a two to three year old son with her meeting her husband in L.A..The boy sort of looked like Opie with the little ball cap so I gave mom a break and entertained him for most of the flight.He got very scared when we were getting ready to land and hit a little rough air so I tried to keep him calm and after we land and he's getting off he says to me"See you next time".Even the stewardess thanked me.That was about 14 years ago when airline folks still actually talked to you.So not heroic but the poor lady was running on fumes so I helped.

Liz said...

I had a mouth full of food too when he introduced himself.

Fred said...

I think Jabel wins for the Michael Bolton tape incident; the only way that could be more heroic would be if it had been a Kenny G tape.

Lesha said...

Hmmm...something Heroic. I have nothing, but I'm going to chalk it up to living a dull sheltered life.

Now parties, that I can do. In fact I'm having one in few weeks. I think I may have to steal some of the ideas from that party! It sounded like so much fun! I bet I can find a great deal on beach balls since summer is on its way out too.

JAbel said...

Fred,You have a good ear for awful.That friends wife and friends actually went to see Kenny G.when I was visiting another year.I still shudder when I think of it.

Susan said...

Fred - I always knew you were a hero! And I'm glad you kept that hat. I was proud of those. Furthermore, Jabel is totally invited to the next party based on the Michael Bolton incident.

jabel - see above, and please travel with us the next time we fly.

Liz - as opposed to the rest of the time? My epitaph will read: Had her mouth full of food.

Lesha - I maintain that moms are heroic. Period.

jabel & fred - an ear for awful indeed. I must agree on all points.

JAbel said...

A party with hats! I love those.After thinking about it I'd say Opie was between 3 and 4 on the flight.He was quite talkative with everyone near him though he did doze for a bit.