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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here's a little music business insiderness for you. You'll maybe ask me not to share next time.

The other morning I ran an errand in the wrong car, which meant the person who was picking up sound equipment for a job could not get the microphones, which were in my back seat. This post is about music, not grammar, so leave me alone about run on sentences.

On my way home, I stopped off to deliver the microphones. He took the case out of the car, opened it, and began making his selection. There were about 20 microphones in the case. He looked them over and then picked one up and sniffed it. He quickly went through half a dozen this way, taking four. Incredible. Microphones are selected the same way I pick out pineapples and cantaloupe (minus the pressing of the stem end).

I mentioned this and was told that microphones get pretty smelly. He wanted a good one and three tolerable ones. Something about drinking and smoking and then singing into something that's not really possible to clean.

Ew. I've never been so grateful for my inability to sing.

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