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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weather report

You know back when they were burning witches? And people racked their brains for omens and scape goats when something crazy happened? I kind of understand that now.

This morning we rode bikes and played in the yard while I complained about the heat and tried to find a spot of shade to sit in. I am very whiny, as you know. Now it's just after lunch and it is so dark we had to turn on lights inside. The sky is Completely Black. I looked up from my towel folding to see trees lashed by wind and leaves swirling through the air like in the Wizard of Oz. Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, I almost let the chickens out this morning and am now glad I didn't. Pretty sure I'd be watching them sail past our windows right now, à la Toto.

I ran outside and grabbed the huge packing boxes adorning our front yard. And then closed windows and the bulkhead door. And then I wondered who did what to make God so mad. I am fairly sure it wasn't me. I've done nothing but laundry today. Yesterday, I could have been blamed, but not today. I have been as nice as can be today.

But someone must have done something. One minute it's sunny and the next minute there's a freaking typhoon? All meteorological explanations are illogical.

There was one time a couple winters ago when we got hit with the biggest storm I had ever seen. I know this is all sissy-talk to the people who are getting hit with the big storms, but like I've said, I'm a sissy. Anyway, I brought Lucy home from a playdate and when we were climbing up the stairs to come inside, the wind BLEW HER OFF THE STAIRS and into my arms. And then, the angels began to sing and the skies cleared and for a moment I thought this is what Judgement Day will look like and then I thought I think I'll go get ice cream. So I packed the kids in the car and went to the store for ice cream. In the eye of the storm, as it turns out.

Lucky for me today, I already have ice cream.

Wait! Breaking News! The Beachcomber was hit by lightening! And there is a wrath-of-God storm swirling around the dunes of Wellfleet. We are narrowing down our suspects.

And don't look at me, I was just here folding laundry.


Fred said...

same crazy weather here in Harwich - now it's all sunny again.

Beachcomber hit by lightning?!?!?!? Everything OK? I see that the beach and dinner cams are out.

Liz said...

Power went out and the waitresses had to handwrite food slips. Who could possibly be thinking food when there was a tornado. Apparently many trees came down in the Wellfleet area too. Thankfully the Cmber store was saved...

Rock and Roll Mama said...

Whoa! That sounds very armegeddon-y. Thank goodness you had the ice cream. Next time you're here we should have a screening party of Wizard of Oz for Lucy and Ella. Except Ella will insist on wearing her Dorothy dress and Ruby slippers and talking along with the movie. Ask your sister, she wore it to school on her birthday last year. Wanted to wear it every day, but I prevailed...mostly. Glad you're OK!

Susan said...

Amended report - lightening hit a pole outside the Comber. It knocked out the internet and fried some things that weren't clams. Or were clams, depending how you look at it. Chris was there fixing stuff all day and got a round of applause from the kitchen staff when he got the printers up and running. Our hero.

Liz - tornado indeed. I heard reports of a funnel cloud. Auntie Em!

Lindsay - your Ella is so much braver than my little fluffernutter. Considering that we had to leave Horton Hears a Who because it was too scary, I think we're not quite ready. But I do like the party part.

JAbel said...

I'm still scared of those Flying Monkeys.