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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

climbing off our pedestal

Last night at 10pm we started moving the furniture out of our bedroom.

So, how'd you sleep last night? I slept great. Eventually.

I slept in my new bedroom downstairs and that made everything just dandy. We would have gotten to bed even later but lucky for me (and Chris), the Daily Show was a repeat last night. Yes, we worked for an hour and then Chris said "oh! will you look at the time..." and turned on the t.v. as if he were allowed to watch it at 11pm when our whole house needed moving. Okay, not our whole house, but a substantial portion thereof. So thank you, Jon Stewart, for saying the exact same things last night you said the other night. It made it much easier for Chris to Just Say No.

Earlier yesterday I was chatting with a group of moms and had to dash because I was Very Busy Moving. One of the moms said, "you know, you can hire people to do that for you." And it's true, I could. Except I'm a New Englander and it really irks me to pay people to do things NOT AS WELL as I would do them. Besides, I have no idea where things go and if someone else moved us, well, we'd never find anything ever again.

That said, as I carried drawers downstairs to reassemble in the new bedroom, I couldn't help but think "now why didn't we hire a mover?" Just for the unwieldy things. I'd do all the persnicketyness myself. Oh well, live and learn.

I think everyone should move out of part of their house for a little while. For one thing, it makes entire ant populations disband. And for another, I found my lemon zester. Finding my lemon zester makes the fact I can barely lift my arms all worth while. I don't have the strength to zest a lemon, but at least I have the tool.

We have the added bonus of having friends moving in upstairs, into what they are calling The Penthouse At Trout Towers. In fact, here they come now with another carload. I'd help them carry stuff upstairs but, to be perfectly honest, I don't want to. Can I just tell you how many times I've been up and down the stairs? Stairmaster, pfeh. I'm sitting in the dark, hoping they think I'm asleep.

I'm not asleep. If I were asleep I'd be having nightmares about my livingroom, which is filled almost completely with things that must be placed in rooms and drawers and cupboards and Good Will bins. There is literally just a walkway through the livingroom. There are no words to describe the mayhem.

So of course today was the day that the VNA person came to visit. They're apparently back on schedule for helping Ruth with her personal care - showering, and whatnot. They'll also help her pick out clothes, which offends me personally because I've been doing that for her and have there been complaints?

We chatted in the dining room for a bit and then she asked to see Ruth's bathroom, to make sure it was safe for her. I led her through the storage area/livingroom and could only imagine what she was thinking. Also the kitchen counters were piled sky-high with pans and Tupperware looking for new homes. Sky. High.

The VNA looked relieved when she saw Ruth's bathroom. She may also have wondered how a blind person was managing to get around amid the mayhem. And the answer to that would be, cheerily.

Ruth's been in better spirits than I've ever seen her. She figured out that on either side of her usual paths we've piled heaps and heaps of things. And that makes her laugh at us. So she goes about her business as though nothing ridiculous is going on. It's the blind version of covering your ears and singing "row, row, row your boat" very loudly.

Which is not a bad idea. I will do it right now.


Kristin said...

I hate moving more than I hate hilling potatoes, and THAT is saying something. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...too crazy! Our last move was done by professional movers (paid for through my husband's relocation package) while I was 8 months pregnant. Nice to have the help of pros, especially at a time like that.

Flylady's routines could help here...you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!

Thanks for the comment....

Susan said...

Kristin - I had thought about doing potatoes next year. I'm not thinking about it any more.

Sandwiched - While I am jealous of your professional movers, the thought of going through this while 8 months pregnant is making me feel like I've been a bit of a whiner. I'm not going to stop whining, mind you, but still - possible worseness duly noted.