‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Sunday, September 7, 2008

passive aggressive pleading

If anyone is out and about and happens to have some empty boxes kicking around, would you mind bringing them by the Towers? I won't make you come in and move anything heavy. In fact, I won't let you in. It is a very big mess and you might report me for making Lucy wash dishes and Studley clean the chimney.

Also if you happen to be at a hardware store we could use some more contractors' trash bags. I'm too smelly to go out, or I'd get them myself. In fact, you might want to hold your nose and leave the bags in the yard. I'll thumbtack the money to a tree.


9/8 - we're all set, thanks! btw I didn't think anyone would take this seriously. Next time I'll ask for a vacation home in Tuscany.


el james said...

I have boxes, but you have to come and get em! Sorry, but I'm stranded!

sophie said...

Sorry to say that I filled the last empty box as I'm moving soon. I know all too well that not so fresh feeling after hours of hard labor on the house-and pointing fingers at each other over who is the least offensive to go to the store as supplies dwindle. You should be getting close now-not as in odor but as in completion?

Susan said...

el james - can we call the stranding network?

sophie - ahahahahaaha! Getting close? ha! ha ha! Chris started urethaning the bedroom floors shortly before dinner. There are no words for how Not Close we are.