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Monday, September 1, 2008

saying goodbye to summer

We went by the Beachcomber for a last hurrah yesterday but it was a madhouse.

"Why are all these people here?" asked Lucy.

"They're all saying goodbye to summer," I told her.

"But I thought they were GONE."

Frankly, so did I. The roads are eerily empty. Tables are available at restaurants. But when we went down the road to Cahoon Hollow beach we found both parking lots close to full and a line waiting to get in to the restaurant.

Which is funny because Labor Day at the Beachcomber is a bit of a gamble. Chances are they're out of what you order. The waitresses would probably do better to just bring you what you get and dispense with the ordering part. It's part of the fun.

Scene from the bar:

"Goombay Smash, please."

"We're out of those."

"Okay, a dark and stormy."


"White wine?"


"Do you have anything?"

"Here's your Bud Light."

Lucy thought about this "saying goodbye to summer" thing and announced that she would rather go swimming on the last day of summer. Just then someone in the kitchen said "hey Chris, want some chowder?" and an arm reached through and handed him a cup of clam chowder. I kept lurking, hoping someone would say, "anyone want some buffalo wings?"

Lucy was derailed for a moment while she ate the clam chowder. And then she was back to the swimming thing. I didn't have my bathing suit, so we proclaimed all of September "Saying Goodbye to Summer Month."

We're going to swim in a pond, the bay and the ocean (temperature permitting).

We're going to take a walk in the "White Sweeder Swamp" (White Ceder Swamp) in the National Seashore, where we are pretty sure fairies, pixies and magical half-frog people live.

We'll play mini golf one last time and hope no one wets their pants this time.

And there will be bumper boats.

Everyone has their own ritual for ending the summer. Or maybe they don't. We do, and ours includes figuring out which restaurants are only open seasonally and making sure we visit them before they close. Our short list of restaurants includes Blackfish in Truro, Terra Luna in Truro, Sol in Wellfleet and Mac's Shack in Wellfleet. We had breakfast at the Wicked Oyster yesterday morning, but are forgetting to check it off the list so we can go again. Oh Wicked Oyster, why must we love you so? You are breaking our hearts and our bank accounts.

In September there is also Boogie on the Bay, with music and food and friends. I will not be there as will be paying penance for some ghastly sin commited in a past life.

I will be at a Hannah Montana birthday party.


james said...

I think we should have a big goodbye summer party. Cake, ice cream, maybe make it a clambake type situation? It should also be A) Formal or B) A toga party. Or maybe a mermaid / mermen party. Nautical theme? Pirates? Any of them! We should DEFINITELY do a party though. Soon. With swimming. And squirtguns. And a Worst Tan Line contest (I win!). Sand castles?
Who's in?

JAbel said...

I think and end of summer party with faieries,pixies and half frog men would be cool.What's the very eerie/scary H.P. Lovecraft story about the seaside village that turns out to be populated by people from the sea?I know I'll have a nightmare about that now.As for Blackfish I always liked it as the Blacksmith shop back in the day.Not so much for the food but because it was one of those out of the way places that was very casual and friends worked there.Some great spur of the moment parties in that place.

JAbel said...

The Lovecraft story is "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and Lucy really really would not like it.It's probably on line though and a site called The Literary Gothic would be a good place to look.It's full of writers like that and a lot of the Victorian Ghost story writers.A good site to have as the October comes near.Lucy sounds like fun though.Just tonight while we were grilling Sweet Pea passed along some of her plant observations that had me laughing in delight and then we named all five gnomes we have scattered around the patio garden.

Ambley said...

I just love the celebration of things that might pass unnoticed if you aren't careful, especially with little ones. I'm definitely going to steal your "goodbye summer" idea. You're very, very smart (and fun too!).

Susan said...

James - Plan a party and I will come. And once we finish moving-without-moving, we will plan a party and you can come.

jabel - thank you for giving me nightmares. And good for you, figuring out the Blackfish/Blacksmith connection. I've yet to go but every single person I know who lives out this way has gone and raves annoyingly.

Ambley - steal anything your heart desires. You called me smart and now I must love you more than ever.

Susan said...

p.s. James - I can't eat clams. Clams are bad. No clams.

Unless we dress them as pirates and race them. Then I'm okay with clams.