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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shine your sink!

Lucy has a loose tooth and is smiling her head off. It's her first - she's slightly behind her friends in this respect, and so it has been highly anticipated. I'm weirdly excited for her, too, despite the fact that it's a harbinger of adulthood. She has a loose tooth and the next thing you know she'll be packing boxes and moving out. Which is a bummer because we just got the furniture moved into her room and I'm not ready to turn it into a sewing room yet.

Yes, my kids are no longer sleeping on mattresses on the floor (overrun by mice, thanks for the reminder). I can just imagine their recollections of childhood: "Remember that time we got to sleep in real beds and our room had a CLOSET?"

Meanwhile, Chris wanted to watch the game last night. We have both a television and a sofa in our livingroom, but both are ensconced in boxes and piles and heaping towers of miscellaneous items which seemed so very needful when we bought them but now are a curse and a bane on our very existence. This is how vows of asceticism happen in past lives. Chris is not ready for his life of asceticism yet, so he started moving boxes - some to their proper homes, and some just off the couch. Then he carved out a niche between the couch and the tv, swung the tv around to face the couch and hooked up an extension cord. Once the tv was working, he climbed over the desk, the pile of linens and Studley's Radio Flyer Rocket and nestled on the couch amid piles of material posessions. From the door to the livingroom, it was hard to see him behind all the stuff.

Oho! Proof of invisibility in this particular spot: Studley just this second woke up and made his way down the hall. Despite the comforting glow of my monitor, he did not see me and my laptop nested on the couch and went back to bed. Maybe we'll leave it this way. It is so much easier than making my usual fort of couch pillows, emblazoned with "Keep Out!" signs.

Why are they awake, anyway? It's not even 6am and their awakeness is completely defeating the purpose of waking up early (is there a purpose for anybody being awake before 6am?). If there is a purpose for being awake this early, it is so one may enjoy the peace and solitude the early morning offers. Or not, as it turns out.

I woke up this morning to the siren's call to shine my sink and simply could not stay in bed. I was reading Sandwiched the other day (she's also a mom who's taking care of a parent) and she recommended FlyLady. FlyLady is the housekeeping version of Weight Watchers, from what I can tell. She has tips for getting things done lickety-split and encourages the formation of good habits, none of which take more than 10 minutes. I spent some time on the website last night and although I didn't accomplish anything on her bedtime checklist other than brushing my teeth, I had her call to arms ringing in my head all night. "Shine your sink!"

She says to take all the dishes out of the sink and give it a good clean. Which is fine, but where do you put the dishes? Surely you don't wash them first? And if not, do you put them all in one of these wine boxes that's sitting around and leave them outside the back door, same as everything else that's in the way at the moment? Obviously you don't put them on a counter, because the counters are full of paint brushes and mismatched plastic storage thingies. I am flummoxed.

And I'm going back to bed.


JAbel said...

Well I'm off topic again but I don't see the Ptown-Jug Band or The Old Jugs listed for the WOMR festival.I'll have to email my source and find out why.As for sinks once you've been a dishwasher in restaurants cleaning your kitchen sink is a lark.At least the old style non-metal ones.Now cleaning the metal stove top of my old 50's gas range is another matter.I have an old O'Keefe and Merritt(sp) just like the ones in the old Three Stooges shorts.I have yet to have water squirt out of the burners though like in the short where the Stooges are plumbers.

Susan said...

Oh Jabel, you did not just say that. To everyone else, I must deny putting him up for what is to be a shameless product promotion. My friend Sarah has a metal stove like yours and our kids used this scouring paste to get it all clean and shiny. It's non-toxic: http://www.shaklee.net/susan_blood/product/00430
It will not make water squirt out of the burners. You're on your own for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan!

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm still trying to flutter...though not very far today.

Lesha said...

I joined and unjoined flylady 4 or 5 times over the past 5 years. I never could get the hang of it. It seems like such a great plan and so easy to stick with. I'm just un-reformable when it comes to the suzy-homemaker stuff.