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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

soul-stealing averted

I have to have a word with Lucy's teachers. I need to ask them to please make sure any notes coming home are safely secured to Chris' shirt. Not Lucy's shirt - she can be trusted. Lucy would bring notes home, mark the calendar, arrange for Studley's childcare and email an rsvp if they trusted her with such notes. But they do not. Instead, they trust Chris. To which I say "what are you thinking, teacher people?"

Granted, I usually don't mind if things go astray on the days Chris does the school run. It's mostly things like volunteer sign-up forms, progress reports and Scholastic book orders - all of which I am happy to claim ignorance of. That's not completely true. I like the Scholastic book things.

But tonight as Lucy and I were folding laundry together (child labor!) she told me they had taken school pictures. Today. She told me about how they all had their picture taken together, and how the photographer took pictures of kids by themselves, except for her. And I said "HONEEEEEY!" and the upstairs neighbors looked at each other with that "Chris is in trouble again" look.

"Did you hear anything about school pictures?" I asked in my most accusatory tone (there are several to pick from). And because he is Chris, he admitted that he did and he may have forgotten to give me something they gave him.

So we have no school picture to document Lucy's time in kindergarten. When she looks through her pictures in later years I will have to make something up. "We were in Peru," I'll say. Then she'll ask why she's in the class picture and I'll have more explaining to do.

I already have a lot of explaining to do about that class picture. Parents far and wide will be looking at that picture and asking themselves "who is that child and what is she wearing and why?" Except they won't get through the whole thought because they will have succumbed to vertigo and fallen right straight over on the floor.

They can't be blamed. Who sends their child to school on picture day wearing a patterned shirt, an embellished skirt, plaid socks and sneakers? I'm thanking my stars right now that I didn't have time to create the multiple-accessoried updo she asked for this morning. Sometimes I humor her.

Now that I think about it, I was just saved days of "whatever shall she wear" fretting. And in hindsight, without this picture we might not have documentation of Lucy's early fashion sense. After all, how many school pictures do we need of perfectly dressed children smiling pleasantly at the camera?

I'm sure that's exactly what the mom last year said when she got the photo and saw her son standing in the front row with both his hands in his pants.

Note for the day: count your blessings.


Bella said...

V just had her picture day today and I had to talk her out of the fairy outfit...
don't fret, they always have retake day for those who missed the first time around.

Susan said...

oh but I love that fairy outfit!