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Friday, September 19, 2008

technical difficulties

Oh hi.

On Wednesday I had an interview with a consummate interviewer, who had sooo many amazing things to tell me I just sat slackjawed and was glad I didn't have to take notes because I had Chris' handy recording device which looks like a taser. It's good to take along something that looks like a taser and put it on the table when you're interviewing someone. Puts them right at ease. Since the interview took place in a recording studio (not mine), my interviewee cued up "don't tase me, bro!" to start us off.

I had given myself a full 36 hours to write my story and had written the whole thing inside my head by the time I settled in for the actual typing part. Cup of tea, laptop. Ready? Set? Go!

me: Why can't I hear anything?
Chris: Did you look at the meter when you were recording?
me: Meter?

I had the taser set to "line-in" instead of "mic-in" which in plain speak means the taser was humming along happily to itself and paying no attention whatsoever to the conversation at hand. Which is fine for a taser but not so fine for a recording device. I have a 36 minute mp3 of absolute silence.

Lucky for me, I had two more interviews set up and all the time in the world to write the stories, assuming I didn't need to sleep, eat or shower. Which explains why this may sound like I have had not enough sleep and am cruising on adrenaline. HI!

Oh, and when I originally set up the interview I left a voice message with all the information anyone could possibly need. Except for my phone number. Forcing her to call around and get my number. Very professional.

AND I took the call wherein she busted me for not leaving my number while I was standing next to a Real Live Journalist, who was lining up his own sources and making sure he left his number. I don't work in an office, so this was a fairly random occurrence (we were both on the trail of wifi). He then began writing his column and let me tell you I have never heard anyone type so fast or with such gusto. He must need to replace his keyboard bimonthly.

I have a serious lack of typing vigor.

I have a serious lack of typing vigor and I lunched an interview. I am thinking of taking up bowling.

But oh! Why didn't I think of this sooner? I will sell the original interview on eBay. I for one would pay a great deal of money for 36 minutes of absolute silence.

Unless you're calling to tell me about what you lunched at work. And then I'm all ears.


Twenty-Something said...

this reminds me of the time i sent out about 3000 press releases with the wrong phone number.

bowling it is!

Ms Picket To You said...

oops -- that was actually me ms picket up there.

oh, to be twenty something.

el james said...

I have so many stories like that... Can you believe they pay us for this? maybe that's what makes us "alternative".

Bella said...

did you steal his recording thingy or were you asleep when he explained to you how it worked? if he didn't explain it to you then he must not live with you because i do believe that by the looks of it you don't simply think "oh look, a voice recorder. how simple."

Susan said...

Ms twenty-something Picket - Could you pass it off as a marketing research ploy - to see who was responding to the press release vs. other media? And did you sell the press release as a collector's item?

El James - you weren't supposed to know about this.

Bella - Chris explains things, but sometimes after "turn it on here, press record there, set to mp3" it all just sounds like "buzz... buzz... buzz" when he talks technical.