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Saturday, October 25, 2008

dirty drive

There's an old joke about a foul-mouthed parrot who was put in the freezer for a few seconds each time it used obscenities. It was put in for a little longer each time, until one time it came out of the freezer looking nervous and promising never to swear again. When it warmed up a bit it asked, "holy smokes, WHAT DID THAT TURKEY SAY?"

I thought of that joke when I opened the freezer and found a hard drive.

(Sometimes as a last resort crashed hard drives respond to being frozen. Maybe it kills the bugs? I don't know.)


Speaking of uber-geeks, does anyone know any teeny weeny geeklets who would benefit from having a "Future Hacker" t-shirt? It's size 2t and was proudly worn by both Lucy and Studley. Heather grey with white printing, it's remarkably free of stains. Free to good home.

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