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Thursday, October 23, 2008

in which I make the big time

I just go my first token of appreciation from a reader, which has to be some sort of blogging milestone. It is what would be referred to as a mix tape, if it were a tape and not a cd. I like it already because it includes "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" by Flight of the Conchords. I'm pretty sure it's not one of those mixes that tells a story, despite this title which is so obviously about me. I'm pretty sure it's not, because some of the other titles are "Even Monkeys Fall From Trees" and "Happy Cows."

I would tell you what it sounds like, but we are back to being unable to play cds in the house and I have to wait for a drive in the car. Ironic, no? Last night we had a band recording downstairs, I was recording an interview on the first floor and there was a jam session going on upstairs. But we can't play cds. We have half a dozen musicians in the house right now - maybe they know these songs and can sing them to me.

So, faithful reader and maker of fine mixes, I thank you. Also, I believe I owe my current fondness for Imogen Heap to you, which came to me via a mutual friend who credited you. And the world goes round.


mahavishnu john casual said...

Hope you enjoy the CD. Music is for sharing, and Trout Towers & environs (i.e., the basement) is certainly an environment that promotes this concept, even with Chandler expecting us to do everything pro bono [not a U2 reference]. He is good about sharing, though.
I have arranged, nevertheless, for my, um, 'associates' Vinny & Nunzio to visit him and share the prospect of "getting medieval" w/their various implements to dispel him of this notion.
In fact, it was CT who originally exposed me to Imogen Heap (so to speak), via her work in a band called Frou Frou. What goes around, etc.
As it happens, "Even Monkeys Fall from Trees" was written and (mostly) performed by a former associate of mine from a previous workplace setting, a man who one day brought a book on Colloquial Welsh to work.
As if standard issue Welsh wasn't arcane enough.
Let alone that I actually like a couple of songs by a band named Frou Frou.
Time for more caffeine. Hope you enjoy the Bob & Ray CD as well.

Susan said...

I like that Monkey song. It has a little XTCness to it. The track with the phone prayer nearly made me drive off the road. There should be some kind of warning.

jealous james said...

Dude, no one ever sends me mixtapes! Well, not since that scary girl in high school, but it was all screaming and industrial music anyways.

mahavishnu etc. said...

I assumed you were aware that there is an implicit warning regarding anything emanating from me in whatever fashion.
So now you know, if perhaps a little after the fact.
That selection is from a Joe Frank show (much more humorously surrealistic than any of his other monologues I've heard) with a music bed added by Mike Lupica of WFMU. Last I knew it was still downloadable at the FMU website. Given the wide parameters of what passes for religious programming, it took me longer than I'd like to admit to get a fix on the degree of reality involved.
But that's part of the fun, after all.