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Monday, October 13, 2008


When I asked a friend of mine to babysit Studley while I took Lucy to the faux Beatles concert, she declined because she was playing a gig at Leninfest. Or at least that's what I heard. Since I had not been to the faux Beatles concert yet, I wasn't in the Lennon swing.

I heard Lenin and wondered what it was all about but then put all the pieces together and the next thing I was nodding and saying to myself, well of course. Because it was Columbus Day weekend and when I was in Moscow there was a whole lot of hoopla about a sculpture said to depict Columbus discovering the New World. That's us.

The sculpture was originally of Columbus, the story goes, but then was tweaked to become Peter the Great to accommodate a different market. I guess the New World didn't want it, so it was pitched to someone else.

The BBC says "the sculpture is the work of the controversial artist Zurab Tsereteli and has been described using words such as strange, unusual, unique, horrendous, awful and soul-searingly hideous."

Soul-searingly hideous. I am so sad it was not on our tour (I think it was still just a twinkle in Moscow's frenetically blinking eye when I was there).

Meanwhile, I missed Lennonfest because I was watching a fake John Lennon sing "Imagine." My friends were supposed to sing "Because" at the festival but couldn't because things in festival land went horribly awry. It's too bad because their version of "Because" makes me cry. In a good way. Not in a soul-searingly hideous way.

I remember quite vividly when Lennon was shot. I had been babysitting a family whose daugher really probably was named after Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and was systematically taping their entire collection of Beatles albums. Let's face it, taping albums was pretty much my whole reason for babysitting. If I were babysitting today, I'd be the one with a removable hard drive in my backpack and I'd never have to book a repeat gig at the same house. Some of the people I babysat for listened to awesome music. Anna and Aaron, you're cute and all but your parents' Frank Zappa collection is the real reason I seemed so excited to come babysit you.

So I had JUST figured out who John Lennon was, and then he was gone. I felt quite cheated, really.

Next year, I'm going to his festival in Falmouth. Or I'll go see the sculpture in Moscow. With a little more tweaking, it could totally be him.

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Fred said...

Did I know you were a Zappa fan? I don't think so - cool!

mahavishnu john casual said...

Hi Susan -
You were cheated, as were we all.
I was on the road in Lost Angeles on the night that John prematurely stepped onto a rainbow, courtesy of Smith & Wesson & madness.
The upcoming season provides a good reason to revisit the Beatles' Christmas records made for their fan club in the '60s. I suspect you have access to the requisite Internet savviness to discover these, if you are not already aware of them.
And by the way (having just discovered this blog's existence), I hope that, whenever I have inflicted my presence upon Trout Towers (in other words, you didn't raise the drawbridge fast enough), I was considered an ornament rather than the sort of gelatinous dust bunny I usually am in social circumstances.
Your friend and mine,
Mahavishnu John Casual

Susan said...

Fred - Hot Rats is my favorite, but I can sing that Ship Arriving too Late to Save a Drowning Witch song with deadly accuracy.

Mahavishnu John Casual - I had to run the voice to text syntax recognition software on our surveillance tapes to figure out who you are. I had to go way too far back to find you. Your dust bunny self should come by more often - especially since we will have a new piano and will be coordinating a December date with you soon. Fa la la.

mahavishnu john casual said...

Sorry for the confusion about the name - Tim Leary told me I could be anybody I want this time around (plus I'm schizophrenic, but we're happy).
A new piano to put the X back in Xmas sounds good, but I/we are only 1/2 a pianist w/o Kami, so please apply your charm/pressure there for best results. Otherwise you get my unfortunate Viennese Actionist/Ding Dong School hybrid of piano playing that inevitably provokes a "duck and cover" response for anyone within earshot (an extremely literal term, in this instance).