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Sunday, October 12, 2008


"Phoney beatlemania's bitten the dust."

I had that Clash song stuck in my head this afternoon, until it was removed by the Yellow Submarine.

Today Lucy, my mother and I went to see the Cape Symphony's tribute to the Beatles, featuring the original cast members of Beatlemania. No, Lucy is not named after Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds any more than Studley is named after Studley Road in Yarmouth. Still, she likes the song and he likes the road and, well, who can resist seeing four men pretend they are the Beatles?

A few songs into it I got to thinking that if everyone just listened to more Beatles music, we'd get out of this economic mess, end all wars and live in peace and harmony, amen. With songs like "All You Need is Love," "Here Comes the Sun" and "With a Little Help From My Friends," how can you be mad at anybody? Besides, who doesn't like the Beatles?

Other than my mother, I mean. At the intermission she said "I managed to avoid this back then." She looked as though she was deciding between staying for the second half or going to the car and sticking herself with a fork repeatedly. It seemed to be a toss up. Then the lights went down and she is too polite to excuse herself once the performance starts, so she opted against the fork. She was sitting a couple rows behind us, which was too bad because I would love to have seen her face when the man playing John Lennon reappeared with shoulder length hair, while a peace sign lit up behind the orchestra. I'm sure it made a hit. I of course loved it, but I wasn't sure how all this was going over with the Talbots crowd.

Honestly, I was surprised at how overwhelmingly well it was received. There were hardly any kids there - mostly the usual Cape Symphony subscription people. Even so, the way they were acting I expected to see a bunch of cigarette lighters waving at the end. They rocked out. Next month at La Mer, they will pretend they never twisted, shouted and worked it all out. What happens at Classical Mystery Tour stays at Classical Mystery Tour.

I was just talking yesterday with a friend who works with non-profit arts organizations. That's redundant, isn't it? Her theory is that parents are taking their kids to more cultural events to make up for funding cuts in the schools. This may be true, but we are taking our kids to symphony, museums and ballet for purely selfish reasons. We like these things and get a kick out of seeing our kids enjoy it. I have no expectations that my children will or should receive an education including the workings of a symphony orchestra at school. But I do feel somewhat justified in pulling them out of school for a cultural blitz at the MFA, or the Museum of Science or whatever is tickling my fancy at the moment.

Do not for one moment confuse this with home schooling. We have realized we're completely incompetent and will only trust the schooling of our children to trained professionals. Studley has become a different person since starting school in September. How is that possible? We teach him things. We read to him. We give him small electric shocks when he's underperforming. But there's something about being at school that's put a fire under him. He comes home every darn day with something new to tell me. And Lucy's walking around singing ob-la-di ob-la-da, which will certainly serve her well somewhere on down the line. And we will congratulate ourselves for a job well done.

Now please go listen to more Beatles music so the world can live as one, okay?


bonus trout towerness: if you are in the market for a cd that covers Beatles songs, I cannot urge you strongly enough to buy this one. Why? Because it features several songs recorded here at the towers PLUS a song by the musician who put up the cedar clapboard in our shower AND a song by the musician who did not come to dinner. What more could you possibly want in a tribute cd?

edited to add: I was just reminded that a resident of the Penthouse at Trout Towers played as a session musician on one of the tracks. We've always considered Trout Towers a full service recording facility (we provide babysitting and sometimes cookies), and now we boast a session musician on the premises.


that guy james said...

the truly ironic part to all this is that we spent the afternoon in Falmouth at "Lennonfest", which will be described later and with much color, only to not manage to meet the same musician, with whom we had gone there to meet. The reason I love her: first she ripped the sole from her shoe whilst getting gas, then made it almost all the way to Mashpee (from Orleans) only to discover she'd left her wallet at home. She finally arrived, 30 minutes after we'd left, and rocked the place like a pro. Or so I hear, as I said, we'd left and were reincarnating a goldfish.
you think that sounds crazy? You should've seen us at king richards! dinner this week?

e.m.szuplat said...

i was just listening to the (irish) radio yesterday and the DJ was lamenting that with the rise of downloading and the decline of having to buy the WHOLE album, will kids be downloading only PIECES of classics like the White Album.... never getting the full experience??