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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

scouting wifi

In the sitcom version of myself, I will arrive at a library, find the designated laptop station and set up my computer. I'll then pull family pictures out of my laptop case and arrange them on the table. And I will replace the silk tulips with a live begonia, also from my laptop case.

I am at a table in a library now, where a silk tulip dips seductively from its vase and blocks my view of the uppermost right corner of my monitor. I don't need to see the uppermost right corner of my monitor, so I'm letting it slide. The vase has plastic water in the bottom, and the stems are nestled into an arrangement of fake green apples and cranberries, which are floating in the "water." And speaking of quotation marks, there's a flyer on the table that says:
"Salute to Scouting" Breakfast Honoring Mary Leclair
When I first saw it, I read "Salute to Scouting Breakfast." Now that's something I can get behind. I don't know who Mary Leclair is, but if she can help me find some good new breakfast joints, I'd be grateful.

Actually, I may know of one and those of you who are local will call to thank me personally for this bit of insiderness. A woman from my dance class is opening a breakfast restaurant in Harwich, near Andale Cafe in Harwich Center. It's where Stewed Tomatoes used to be and it is called Shenanagans, although I may have spelled that wrong. I talked to Julie this morning and she thinks they will be open next week! She has been testing the food and deems it edible.

I would like very much to test the food. Will someone please get me a gig doing food reviews so I can test more food?

Is it time for lunch yet?

This is what happens when I am supposed to be working on something I can't figure out: I write a blog post and then start deciding what to have for lunch. Maybe I'll check my email again.

But I have to look important because there's a real live journalist at the next table and he's making me look bad. Speaking of real live journalists, the Banner has a new column called Bel Canto. It's an opera education thingy and it comes out before each live Met broadcast. I think I might start my own opera education thingy which will come out before each broadcast. It will be maybe not so educational but I would like to do it anyway. I am uniquely qualified for this because there is music playing quietly here at the library and I know it's from Turandot. Dude, I totally know opera.

And with that, I leave you to your day.


omnipotent james said...

Susan, this is the Powers That Be. We have come to grant your request... Go forth and review this restaurant, eat with impunity and gusto. Then send the receipt, 5 - 600 words and some photos to that guy James and he'll take care of it. We'll make sure.

Fred said...

New restaurant just down the street from my house?!?!? Count me in! We can get a group, everyone orders something different and tries everyone else's ... then you can review most of the menu (except for the bacon ... I'm eating all the bacon ... every single strip of it ... I sweah t'gawd, I'll do it!)

Susan said...

omnipotent one - thank you for picking up on my passive aggressive plea. I'm on it.

fred - thank you for your willingness to assist in our quest for breakfast truth. You're on.