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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what do you mean I have to submit something before you pay me?

You know what's really fun? Writing for a new publication, where at first when you tell interviewees who you're doing the story for you have to explain what it is and show pie charts and stuff. And then after just a few months, you mention who you write for and the person you're talking to Will Not Shut Up because they're all excited that they might be in it. I like that. It makes me all proud inside.

Also? They don't make me write about unicorns, butterflies and puppies all the time. Because I don't always like puppies. I know! She doesn't like puppies! I am inhuman. But I have these personal space issues that puppies don't seem to get. At all. The little ones are okay, but the big ones? The big ones that are capable of slobbering in your hair? Not so much. I am kind of afraid of them the way some people are afraid of babies.

And that is all I have for today because I have a deadline and haven't finished any of my interviews. I figure if it all goes horribly wrong, I'll just make something up.

Hey, maybe you can help! Do you have any hula hooping stories you'd like to share with me? Either kid hula hooping or adult hooping?

Seriously, this is the stuff I write about. Don't tell my boss.


Bella said...

we have a guy in our neighborhood who sits in the front yard and does hula hoop in a sort of meditative way and the other day we saw him actually hula hooping his way around the block. it's actually kind of impressive and very all modern movement like. you could come for a visit and maybe interview him. then write the whole trip off.

jenrebecc said...

"you know, for kids!"

Ms Picket To You said...

ok. I am sure this is too late but on September 12, 2001 while hunkered down on a vacation with 10 adults and a bunch of kids (and twelve people b/w us in the Towers -- all survived), we decided we needed to do something for fun.

liquor was involved. lots of beer. and a hula hoop.

it was all good clean, ridiculous fun until the naked leap through the hula hoop competition started. the best part? only one dude was involved. the worst part? there was none. it was the stupid drunken stomach ache howl we all needed.

i'll never look at a hula hoop the same.

Susan said...

Bella - I love your neighborhood

Jenrebecc - exactly!

Ms. Picket - I'm glad you didn't share that sooner because I would have totally derailed and started the whole story over, featuring 9/12 naked hula leaping.