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Saturday, November 8, 2008

atomic perks

Yesterday I went to Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater to review the High Definition live opera broadcast for C.O.D. This is mostly notable due to the fact that 99% of C.O.D readers do not listen to opera. Should prove interesting.

Afterwards, I chatted with the general manager of WHAT. We discovered we have a mutual friend, for whom I work. The GM perked up and said that they are looking for someone to do that type of work for the theater. "But maybe it would be a conflict of interest," he added.

I reminded him of my complete lack of journalistic integrity and suggested we chat later. After all, the two are completely separate - the work and the reviewing. How could one possibly affect the other? Unless he pays me three times my usual rate, at which point my reviews get noticeably more glowing. They will not, however, get noticeably more focused or sophisticated, no matter how much he pays me. Not only do I have no journalistic integrity, I have no journalistic skills.

Here's the first one. (updated: don't bother clicking on the link anymore. They decided to put it in the paper version and took it off the web.)

Above, Gerald Finley as Dr. Atomic. He's cute. Photo by Nick Heavican/Metropolitan Opera


Bella said...

reviewing opera, la-ti-da. you would think we had Wagner blasting from our room in college instead of [fill in 80s dance music with punk edge.] well done!! it almost makes me want to track that down. only these days i would just fall asleep if there's no audience participation.

(you are Susan Blood formerly known as Suzi Ball, right?)

Susan said...

Bella - Rock me, Amadeus.