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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

chicken perambulator

I was just chatting with the friends upstairs about some woman who takes her cat for walks. It made me think it's high time to start walking the chickens. They usually follow me around when I'm holding bread crusts, so it would just be a matter of extending their attention span. At the moment, they have an attention span of 17 seconds. Between them.

The cat lady, according to eyewitnesses, takes her cat on these walks in a stroller-type device. This got me thinking (as many things do): If I make a plywood frame with a wheel on each of the corners, and then put chicken wire around it, I could make a rolling playpen. Not only would they get to see the neighborhood, they'd get some exercise. And I'd make a name for myself as the crazy chicken lady down the street. I think I have secretly always wanted a name for myself.

The chickens probably wouldn't be up for it. They're not so happy with me right now. I needed an egg this evening for some gingerbread and when I saw we had none, I figured there was one in the coop. They were not amused when I woke them up. The gingerbread was delicious, though. Sorry, chickens.

And in other recipe news, I just posted the directions for one of the strangest concoctions you'd ever dream of serving for dinner. It's on vigilantehousewife.blogspot.com.

And in other housewife news, I think the dining room is just about ready for painting. I'm hoping we can take a break before we refinish the floors because it would be quite refreshing to get the extra furniture off the couch for a change. Just a thought.

My life. It is so glamorous, no?


Debbie said...

I would be so jealous if you had a great nickname like "crazy chicken lady". You really need to do that.

Bella said...

oh, we have plenty of names for you! didn't realize you wanted to make one up for yourself. we can always add to the list!

JAbel said...

There used to be a lady in my neighborhood who walked her dog and her cat would come along walking a few steps behind.Maybe I could get my hat lady to make you a paperbag hat with the little plastic easter eggs around it like the one I mentioned her wearing some time ago.You'd look right smart wearing one of those while walking your chickens.Heck you and Lobster Man could stroll Commercial St. in Provincetown together.

JAbel said...

Okay,I had to click on debbie and one of the blogs she follows is"Nanny Goats in Panties"I just bookmarked it cause it is wacked out funny.Most blogs that have wacky names usually turn out to be written by some garden club republican DAR in spittlebug,North Carolina but this Goats in Panties thing is way out man.

Kristin said...

I don't think the name you'd make for yourself by taking your chickens out for a daily airing is anything you'd really want to be called. But I would like to see a photo of such a thing.