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Thursday, November 20, 2008

endowment for the arts

I am classy. I am currently reading Bel Canto, which has something to do with an opera singer. I played violin in high school. I have capers in my refrigerator. I knit. I am one class act, let me tell you.

And yet, when I found myself in yet another waiting room, surrounded by women I barely know, it was not Bel Canto I pulled out of my bag to read. It was Stacked, by Susan Seligson. Because I am classy.

At first I tried to hide the cover, which makes it ABUNDANTLY clear what sort of stacked this book is about. Then I tried not to laugh out loud. And then I just had to excuse myself.

This is maybe not my year to run for PTA president.


JAbel said...

I assume the book is not about a woman who is very good at making Pancakes.

Kristin said...

I am perhaps guilty of choosing a book to bring in public that is not what I am ACTUALLY reading at the time, but wouldn't make people laugh at me. I'm so shallow.

Except that time I read "Bright Lights, Big Ass" in a Starbucks for all the world to see and then some guy asked what I was reading and I had to hide it. Subterfuge is the best way.

Laggin said...

Bel Canto is wonderful. But I do love me some smutty reading!

Newt said...

I was once on a train with nothing in my bag to read but The Vagina Monologues and American Psycho. Neither of these embarrassed me until enough seats filled up that some nosy broad sat next to me and started reading over my shoulder. I had to put both books away and take a nap for two hours until she got off at Oklahoma City.

So anyway, I feel ya.

Her Royal Troutness said...

jabel - It might be. I haven't gotten to that part yet.

kristin - I might have to pick that up for next week. Or at the very least, get the dustcover and hide Dostoevsky within. I have a new reputation to uphold.

Laggin - Having a hard time putting Bel Canto down, but forgot it in one of myriad bags. Or at least that's my excuse.

Newt - Now that's some fine reading! And it serves people right when they read over shoulders. I sometimes wish for something smuttier when I catch people at it. But then, if the person next to me is reading something smutty, I'm all "wait! I'm not done with that page!"