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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hurler

Welcome, "This is Why You're Fat" visitors! You may also enjoy Mac & Cheese Pizza.


Today I learned something new and I kind of wish I hadn't. Have you ever heard of a Hurler Burger? They sell them at the Yarmouth-Dennis Cape League baseball games here on the Cape. I have never been to a Y-D game, so have been blissfully ignorant all these years.

The aptly named Hurler Burger is a burger, topped with canned cheese and served (wait for it) "lovingly cradled in the heart of a jelly donut." It makes me a little queasy just thinking about it.

I found out about it because I discovered today that my friend Cat is the host of All Access Cape Cod, a local access t.v. program. I am apparently too busy blogging to watch local access t.v., and so missed this fine footage:


Lisa said...

I love the end of that video...so at least it's not the worst thing ever!

Maybe it just needs to be layered with tortillas and shredded cheese and microwaved a bit? ;)

Anonymous said...

Watching her bite into that thing was so worth it! Maybe I can suggest that our local soccer club serve these at their concession stand.

Eeewww. (And I consider myself a somewhat adventurous eater!)

Liz said...

welcome to the wonderful world of yarmouth...hurler burgers are LEGENDARY

Liz said...

it is not the most unfortunate looking food either - refried beans anyone? several indian dishes come to mind too. and vegemite. go ahead, get one - you know you want to... we'll even go with you. cooked to your exacting specifications, what else could you possibly want???????

Susan said...

Lisa - Ahahahaha! Give it a try and report back, please.

Sandwiched - I think Hurlers would do wonders for any club sport. I love watching her eat that thing, too. I also love watching her drive in the demolition derby. She's adventurous, that one.

Liz - Yarmouth breeds some weird and wonderful things (ahem). And I might take you up on that. I can promise you that no amount of coercion will get his lordship to try one. I suddenly can't wait for baseball season.