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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Strummer

Today someone showed up to help my mother-in-law with some housekeeping things and oh boy were we glad to see her. I don't completely understand how my mil qualifies to have this help, but we are grateful for it. Maybe it's the Families of Mother-in-Laws Act which provides this coverage. Or the I Can't Keep My Own Bathroom Clean Much Less Yours initiative. At any rate, my mil (theoretically) has someone come for two or three hours every week to help her with whatever homemaking she needs help with. I say "theoretically" because my mil is fond of categorically firing these lovely people. And then we have to wait for a new person who is willing to come.

I'm never sure how much information I should dish out when new people come to the house. Do I need to explain that this is not the way we live, even though we've been living like this for a few months now? Do I need to apologize for my kitchen floor, which defies description in polite company? Or do I act like this is all completely normal and point her toward my mil's clean laundry, which I washed but neglected to fold and put away?

It's much easier when they don't speak English.

The new one does, and Chris ended up chatting with her a bit. It turns out (hold onto your seats) that this young woman's mother not only lived with Joe Strummer, but played in a punk band that toured with the Clash. So we're now two degrees of separation from Joe Strummer. Which would be way cooler if he were still alive, but still. There is no way we're letting my mil fire this one.

When I was in high school, I bought every album the Clash made. Sometimes I'd listen to them all, sequentially. This made me bitter, angry and likely to bite people, so I lowered my dosage. Now my playlists are peppered with the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite (Mick Jones). BAD doesn't make me want to bite anyone.

Before this, the closest I got to the Clash (besides in concert, which was not close) was a handwritten note from Mikey Dread, who produced Sandinista. I got that when I was living here, too. I sleep with it under my pillow.

So my question is, does Trout Towers attract such people? Really, what are the odds? Is Joe Strummer trying to reach us from the great beyond? And what does he want from us, besides my recipe for squash bisque?


Lisa said...

Oh, Trout, I like you.

Laggin said...

You are coolness defined.

JAbel said...

Joe Strummer was one of the best.I went and bought a CD of London Calling my past trip to listen to in my rental car after I bought two bluegrass CD'S.BAD is also a fave.I used to add extra talk of Bogie from Treasure of Sierra Madre onto the Medicine Show track when I did mixed tapes back in the 80's.It was all that crap about badges and it was easy to add it seamlessly onto the song.

k said...

I think it must attract those sort of people....i have only just started reading your blog and i love BAD and the Clash too!!(and be careful, you probably don't want to get tooooooo close to Joe these days!!)


Wowie Zowie, I just got the new release, THE CLASH live at Shea Stadium from '82 when they opened for THE WHO, and have played it non stop for 3 days. When I was 14, I was supposed to go to that gig, but my moms put the nix on that. I carry the emotional scars to this day.
Anyway, I can now begin the healing process. Perhaps this woman can perform some sort of cleansing ritual for me? Keep me informed.
THE CLASH live at Shea has also been the soundtrack to all my Thanksgiving prep. I'm convinced it will make the eastham turnip mashers a bit naughty.

Lisa said...

I can't keep up with the coolness of your life, but would love your recipe for squash bisque...

Sounds like you have lots to be thankful for!

Her Royal Troutness said...

Lisa - I like you, too!

Laggin - We are actually about the least cool people I know. However, cool things happen to us on a fairly regular basis and I am quick to point them out to anyone who will listen.

jabel - hmmm, bluegrass and London Calling. Now there's a combination.

k - welcome! And yes, agreed about the getting too close part. Egads.

squid jigger - I will have to check that out! That's right around when I heard them at Red Rocks (although I have a feeling that Mick Jones had already left when I saw them). Those are going to be some mean turnip mashers. I'll be right over.

Lisa - "the coolness of your life" ahahahahahah! We are such dork geeks in real life. I have no idea why this stuff happens to us. Possibly because of the bisque? I'll post the recipe.