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Sunday, November 16, 2008

passive aggression - 1, Chris - 0

I'm cleaning house today. In the literal sense, not so much the figurative. I was trying to think what was wrong, what was making it less giddily fun than usual, and I suddenly realized that this No Music thing is getting me down.

We haven't had a stereo in the house since early September. There's a radio, but it just gets NPR. Not that there's anything wrong with NPR, but I just can't get down to All Things Considered. It doesn't make me skip down the hall with my laundry basket.

So I remedied the situation in my own space. I dug out my iPod, which had been hooked up to the stereo, and found some earphones in the basement. That's earphones, not headphones, as one usually finds in our basement - as charming a picture as that would make. Earphones on, I proceeded to scamper around the house gathering up dropped toys and laundry. As an aside, how do we end up with so much dirty laundry in our livingroom? Again, I mean that in the literal sense. It's been awhile since we had figurative dirty laundry in our livingroom. Ah, the days of our youth.

I was having such a spiffy time with my iPod, the rest of the family got a little jealous. Lucy asked what I was doing with the earphones and when I showed her, she wanted to plug in. I explained that she would SLOW ME DOWN and there was no way I was letting her. She took it moderately well.

Chris didn't take it as well. He thought it was dreadfully unfair. And then what to my wondering
eyes should appear, but a receiver and some speakers.

And then he heard what I was listening to and was a little sad.

Clean the house play list:
Nikki Costa
Beastie Boys
Christina Aguilera (I'm not proud of this)
Fat Boy Slim
Chemical Brothers
Boys Don't Cry
Shiny Toy Guns
Ok Go
The Offspring
The Cure

Not, in other words, NPR.


Bella said...

hurray!! for you. i get to clean the house to sports since i only get things done when Will is home and that's what he does on days off when "watching" the girls. i need an ipod. i hate to admit what i'd like in addition to your play list is some Duran Duran.

Mary Alice said...

For cleaning I like a little Sheryl Crow..."like Steve McQueen, I'll I needs a fast machine."

Newt said...

Not to get all competitive or anything, but my housework playlist is much dorkier than your housework playlist. Christina Aguilera is one of the more respectable entries.

Kristin said...

When I was young, my mom would put the "Footloose" record (yup, record) on when we were doing our chores. Kenny Rogers makes me want to vacuum TO THIS DAY.

Ms Picket To You said...

I need to remember to turn the dial on my radio -- away from all the talk and news -- and more to the rock and blues. Maybe then I will want to pick up?

God, I could use some Beasties right now.

Kristin said...

Um, yeah. Wrong Kenny. I meant Kenny Loggins. Why can I never keep those two straight, despite the fact that one sings "Lucille" and the other sings "Into the Danger Zone," and so they clearly sound nothing alike?

Susan said...

bella - Chris watches the kids the same way Will does. And I would absolutely add Duran Duran to my list!

Mary Alice - oh yes indeed!

newt - I like dorky

Kristin - are you trying to start a flame war here? It would figure that my very first flame war was over Kenny Rogers vs. Kenny Loggins (who I also cannot keep straight).

Ms. Picket
1) at least your radio has a dial
2) everyone needs some Beasties

JAbel said...

Lets not forget Kenny Rankin.