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Monday, November 24, 2008

progress report

If we don't paint the dining room something other than white, we will need to serve sunglasses with Thanksgiving dinner. Chris has refinished the floor, put up the trim and painted the first coat of white paint. The room has a big, south facing window and is perfectly retina burning.

He had help for the trim, which was nice because really, enough is enough. Some friends came by and set up all this cool-looking equipment. Chris will not stop talking about the laser level. I think he wants to put bookshelves up around the parameter of each room just so he has an excuse to use the level again. We are very, very grateful for the friends and are happy to have trim and baseboards again.

Maybe this project is just what Chris needed. With his work, he doesn't often end the day with a finished product. It's nice to have a feeling of accomplishment, and Chris discovered he's capable of more than he knew. He also really likes sanding floors. Some men golf, others sand floors.

So we are in something like the home stretch. There's still much to do (my kitchen floor!), but at least the furniture can go where it belongs and we can stop climbing over things. Once we clear out the livingroom, we'll be able to reach the shelves. Once those are painted, I think we'll be able to start unpacking boxes. Already! I know! It seems like it was only yesterday that we were packing those boxes. In t-shirts. With summer tans.

That's not true. I don't tan. Still, it was summer and now it's winter and oh my lands will this ever be done?


Laggin said...

When we did the dining room, it was almost the end of my marriage. Car-man took so freeking long because he's such a perfectionist. Ugh. But I do love that room now.


But then, during construction? I never thought it would be worth it.

Kristin said...

We painted the study two years ago, and we still have not painted the closet in the study.

So what I'm saying is, I feel ya.

Her Royal Troutness said...

Laggin - If this is the end of my marriage, it will be because Chris has put tape over my mouth and closed me into a wall with sheetrock. No jury will convict. I am hoping I become more sane as progress becomes more evident. I am glad for your perspective from the other side. I hope it's an omen of me not being used as insulation.

kristin - Closets? You're supposed to paint closets? No one here seems to have heard of that. Well, someone heard of it in the 1950s, but not since then.