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Sunday, November 23, 2008

the sound of one blog yapping

I must confess. Earlier in the month, when I noticed I had posted every day, I signed up for NaBloPoMo (which is almost as unfortunate an acronym as Boston Lyric Opera's blo.org). Miraculously, I had some small gems to share every day. Then I got sick of the sound of my own typing and had visions of people opening their Google Readers and sighing, "oh dear, not another one."

And so I didn't post. For two whole days. I have failed NaBloPoMo, but for me I think that doing something every day does not make it better.

However, there have been many things I want to share with you. For instance, some friends dropped by last night and we discussed the many charms of having a contractor's trash bag in the middle of one's living room. I am spoiled by this. It is so easy to discard things big and small. I think once we're done working on the house, I will ask Chris to cut a hole in the middle of the floor of each room, topped with a manhole cover. Every so often, I'll just sweep everything into the hole.

Same goes for vacuuming with a shop vac. I could get out our regular vacuum, but it seems silly when the shop vac is sitting right there in the dining room. Do you realize what you can suck up in a shop vac? Markers without caps, holey socks, dead mice. It's dreamy.

Another thing I wanted to tell you about was the birthday party I went to yesterday. It was at the Enchanted Castle, which is a play space in the back of a children's accessory store. The kids get to dress up as fairies and play games in a beautifully painted fairy tale worthy room. And then they're fed cupcakes. The rooms, though beautiful, are small - and earsplitting when filled with three and four year olds. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Plymouth Family Planning is located next door.

And speaking of Plymouth, they are building a movie studio in Plymouth, which has been referred to as Hollywood East but is formally known as Plymouth Rock. Many movie people want to film here, but haven't been able to do so without a studio. What I really want to know is, if Hollywood is opening up a satellite in Plymouth, why didn't they call it Plywood?


Lisa said...

Well, I certainly didn't notice any lesser quality posts-in-the-name-of-posting from you! I agree, for many things quality definitely trumps quantity.

LOVE the hole in the floor idea. That would be awesomely convenient. Wonder if I can work something out with my downstairs neighbor?


Newt said...

When we found out I was having a baby boy, my very first unexpected thought was "Hooray for no princess crap!"

And I guess I didn't know the half of it.

Unless he's one of those boys who likes princesses, which is totally cool with me. But Enchanted Castle is absolutely out of the question. You are a saint.

yep james said...

Perhaps we should give up the community paper idea and instead move forward with the Plywood Times, dedicated to the hottest new movie news in the SOCO area? Sure, we're a couple years ahead of the ball, but at least we'll be established!
And then they can make a movie out of our insane success story. I want to be played by one of the army men from Toy Story.

Fred said...

Note to self: talk to Two Dudes & Two Dogs Construction about implementing Susan's "hole in floor" idea at Chez Valet next year.

Kristin said...

I never bothered to find out what that acronym meant, but apparently, it's ALWAYS NaBloPoMo (that's just ridiculous, seriously) at my place.

Ha-Hoo said...

I heard Studley was a most handsome knight quite efficient at rescuing fairies.

I dream of rooms with floors sloping inwards towards a center drain. Add to that an indoor hose with sprayer and you can clean the house and the family all at once!

Blog on sister, some of us most likely were holding our breath for those two days.

Her Royal Troutness said...

Lisa - I hadn't thought about a version for city dwellers. Maybe a tube with holes on the sides. Like a chimney. It would be an architectural feature.

Newt - Poor Studley is subjected to Princess crap at home and abroad. He is also dressed as tinkerbell on a regular basis. Enchanted Castle was a blessed relief in this respect as he was given a knight costume. And yes, I am a saint. Thank you for noticing.

yep james - I think Plywood should be our next venture. We'll be a conglomerate. Also, that's who I would have cast to play you, absolutely. I'm torn between Juliette Binoche and Eva Gabor.

Fred - excellent! They are just the men (and dogs) for the job!

Kristin - I have noticed that, and I start to pace when you don't post.

Ha-hoo - Did you get the photo? Of him looking dazed and confused? And I LOVE the idea of the drain. I'm thinking of feeding the kids from a trough, so a drain would be a perfect addition.