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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

morning glory

Studley is always the first one up. He tries to wait for the rest of us to regain consciousness, but at some point he gives up and heads to the kitchen.

When Lucy was three, she liked to do everything herself. So we put the cereal in plastic containers that were easy to handle and put them in a bottom cupboard with a stack of plastic bowls. She got her own breakfast every morning. We still do that, and Studley is marginally successful with this breakfasting process.

I lie in bed and listen to him doodle around in the kitchen, until I hear the shuffle of my mil approaching. Grandma doesn't understand that we're okay with Studley doing his thing in the kitchen and gets a bit flustered, so I try to get there as soon as I hear her on the approach, instead of waiting for the inevitable "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?"

This morning, I missed the shuffle and instead heard Studley chatting with his Grandma. He was talking a blue streak and helping her find things in the kitchen. While she heated up her coffee, he found her a spoon. When I came out, he was trying to reach the sugar bowl for her. He also gave her a cheese stick. She was remarkably okay with all this interaction first thing in the morning.

Studley doesn't understand that grandma can't see, but he watches the way his sister interacts with her and he likes to do what she does. So when he gives her a spoon he puts it in her hand. And when he gets her a mozzarella stick he narrates what he's doing.

Studley: Grandma, I'm getting you a cheese stick and me a cheese stick and Lucy a cheese stick. I'm unwrapping it for you because you don't know how. (rustle rustle). Here you go.
Grandma: (with damp, cold cheese stick suddenly placed in her open hand) Gah!!!

Once Lucy was up, I went back to bed. Actually, I went and read the comments on my last post. I do love reading your comments. They are always such a pleasant surprise.

I was sitting there, reading and feeling very pleased with the world, when I heard Lucy say "go ask mommy."

Studley: (patter patter patter down the hall) mommy, Lucy needs you
me: tell her I'll be right there. I'm wallowing in blog glory.
Studley: (patter patter back down the hall)
Lucy: what did she say?
Studley: she said "blah, blah, blah"

I have suspected for ages that this is what he hears when I am speaking to him. It explains a lot.


Laggin said...

Well at least you don't sound like the adults on the Peanuts movies: wah wah wah wah wa wah!

Bella said...

it's a guy thing...i'm sure if you tested it Chris would say the same thing to Lucy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Kristin said...

How . . . precious?

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Trout Towers!

sleepy and fat james said...

happy eat a lot and pass out on the couch day! wait, how is this different from any other day? I'm so confused. Hey, you should take down the gettin' out link.. and eat a lot!

Ms Picket To You said...

dude: I asked the GFY the other day, "What did Mommy just say? Are you listening to me? What did I say?" And he said without skipping one beat: "blah blah blah."

i shit you not.

boys. tho I bet her got that from his sisters.