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Friday, November 14, 2008

when artificial intelligence reincarnates

Chris just breezed through the livingroom, on his way back to the basement where he's been hiding (and will continue to hide until the extra children have left the house). By way of making polite conversation, he asked me about a restaurant I've been to, where he'll be doing sound later. He asked me those usual questions husbands ask wives - if the ceilings are high, if it's carpeted, what the reverb t60 time is. Normal stuff.

I tell him I think it's carpeted, but that may be a lie. I tell him to get the vegetable napolean because it rocks. I don't know what the napolean's reverb time is, but it's about $20.

He asks me if the band I saw there used monitors. I have no idea, but I can tell you what they wore if I think about it for a minute or two. I know one of them had a black garage-type shirt with his name embroidered in white. Chris says the next time I go see a band without him I should take pictures of the gear and find out what kind of cables they're using. I try to envision the gear they had on stage but my mind's eye keeps getting distracted by the chalkboard that was next to the stage, listing all the local products they served.

It's kind of making me hungry, all this tech talk.


hazelblackberry said...

All this talk of cables and reverb time has given me a pasta craving.

Fred said...

While I am curious about a potentially new performance space, I'm equally curious about a new restaurant - especially one that serves local products!

Tell me more, please! Where is this restaurant/venue and what is it called?

Susan said...

hazelblackberry - me too!

fred - Island Merchant, silly! Apparently someone else read this and said "that sounds like the Island Merchant. Better call Chris and tell him it's a wood floor!"