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Monday, December 22, 2008

Alexandra Walker

If anyone's still wondering what to get me for Christmas, these paintings just arrived at Left Bank.

I think my cat, Chou Chou, channeled these as commissions from beyond the kitty grave. That would totally be something she'd do. It looks just like her (in her younger, more alive, years).

I think I deserve it, as I've been very good this year. Or rather, I could have been much worse.


Fred said...

oh ... oh ... oh my ...

two questions:
which gallery?
are there more alex walker paintings?

(ok three questions):
what time does the gallery open in the morning?

Susan said...

I KNOW!!!!!!

1) Commercial Street
2) Just the two, both cats (I love them both and so will you)
3) 10am!

Anonymous said...


Not bad, right?

Sorry, you have to go to old Europe to get one of these


Susan said...

Ran - I just spent way too much time looking at that website. Not bad at all! There is nothing wrong with a trip to old Europe. I think I am due one. And because I speak a tiny bit of German, I could even understand some of the text (if I squint and don't think about it too hard.)

Fred said...

Well ... there's only one Alex Walker cat painting at Commercial Street now!

Liz said...

OMG - I am SO happy she does more than the disturbing subjects of before. Yikes. Fred you beat us to the kitty punch!