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Monday, December 8, 2008

Brighter Planet

The lovely Jonniker was offering carbon neutrality for a day on her blog and I took her up on it. Turns out, you get to share the love and pass it along to 5 lucky buggers when you accept your own carbon neutral day. So, the first five people to visit Brighter Planet get a day of their own!
The Brighter Planet site looks pretty groovy. I know nothing about them except they are offering to make me feel less guilty. Which is a pretty great gift, I'd say.


Bella said...

thank you! i feel much better about having my house insanely lit up this holiday. (note: mostly by LEDs)
did you happen to notice that brighter planet is based in VT?

JAbel said...

Well I see it was one year ago yesterday I came across this site through your Boogie by the Bay post which I still use as my entry point.So you've made my connection back to the old stomping grounds(planet) brighter this past year.

Anonymous said...

I like to make a stand here. I will help by only breathing in today, not out. If that ain´t carbon neutral, what is...

And I will switch my christmas lights so that they will go on and off every 2 seconds. That saves half the energy, right?

Sorry, have to go, got a mob of angry neighbours in the garden, trying to take down the lights...


Susan said...

bella - I didn't notice, but I assumed so as her husband works there and they live in VT. I say this as though we are fast friends, but really I just stalk her through her blog. I think you'd like her blog and hey, maybe she lives near you!

jabel - happy troutiversary!

Ran - I don't know why I didn't try that breathing in thing before. Who knew carbon-neutrality was so easy?