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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

forging ahead, as it were

You know how your hair looks its best on the day it's scheduled to be cut? The same goes for Christmas trees that are scheduled for the mulcher.

In front of the tree, Lucy and Studley are playing with the plastic animals that were poking out of their stockings - a giraffe and a lion. It's a photo-op if ever I've seen one. Except Studley is wearing a pink tutu with his Nantucket red sweatshirt and they kind of clash.

It's New Years Eve, and time to start packing up the ornaments. But honestly? The tree has never looked lovelier. Maybe it's because a snowstorm is whipping around outside the windows, making the lights inside look even twinklier. Maybe it took this long for the branches to lower and look comfortable holding my favorite glass ornaments. Or maybe I just don't want to get the storage boxes out of the basement.

Whatever the reason, the tree is making me feel all twinkly and content.

Speaking of all twinkly and content, I went to a blacksmith shop today. It was snowing when I got there, and piled up while I stayed. Inside it's lit pretty much by window light and the charcoal fire. It's quiet except for the sound of the bellows and the clanging of the anvil. If I didn't have to get children safely home through the snow, I would have insisted on importing some hot cider and spending the day. As it was, I had things to do.

This is the night I usually like to stay home and assess the past year, so I can then chart my course for the new year. I don't do resolutions because I don't need more things to fail at, thank you. This year, instead of charting my course I'm getting right down to business.

In 2008 we found ourselves saying "good gravy, I can't believe how easy that was" a lot. We'd say that after completing a small task we'd been putting off for years. Possibly decades. This year, my mantra is "don't procrastinate." I get so worried about an imagined obstacle somewhere in the future, I don't even start the job at hand. And then the work-related things turn into the sword of Damocles and the non-work related things turn into general malaise.

There will be none of that in 2009. Or at least less. So if you'll excuse me, I have to go fill out some paper work I've been avoiding.

Happy, happy 2009. May it be all you desire.

Oh wait, one more thing. The best resolution I ever made, and kept, was to stop using my credit card. Is there a resolution that worked for you?


Newt said...

Happy New Year!

(The blacksmith shop? Where is Trout Towers, in historic Williamsburg?)

Kristin said...

You take your tree down on New Year's Eve? TECHNICALLY, Christmas lasts until the Epiphany, which is January 6. So you can leave your tree up. Jesus says so.

Happy New Year to all at Trout Towers!

Greg said...

No way...if the tree's not dropping needles, you should take it down on 1/06 - the Twelfth Night!

LOVE your blog! Happy New Year!!

JAbel said...

This is funny because this afternoon I was watching a Three Stooges gift DVD and in it Moe has a pie hanging off the ceiling over his head and the lady says something like"Why young man you act as if the sword of damocles is hanging over your head" and Moe replys"Lady you must be psychic" the pie falls on Moe and many more pies wind up getting thrown around.

Susan said...

Happy New Year, everybody!

Newt - Trout Towers is not in Williamsburg. It's much more ramshackle than that. I think we just figure the apocalypse will hit us first, and we want to be ready.

Kristin - I don't have to take the tree down until I have an epiphany? Sweet!

Greg - Twelfth Night has a nice ring to it. Perhaps I will schedule my epiphany for Twelfth Night.

jabel - mmmm, pie.

JAbel said...

Well I mistyped last night I see.The pie falls on the lady who then flings it from her face onto a bystander starting your usual pie fight.I blame it on the pricey 10.00 botlle of Trader Joes reserve Cab I had at the time.The word I have to enter to post this is grepa which reminds me I have a bottle of grappa in the kitchen.