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Sunday, December 28, 2008

meta greetings

This is a detail of the picture I attached to our Christmas newsletter. If anyone would like a referral to Studley's hairdresser, please let me know. I'd like to go on record as not having cut his hair this time.

In other Studley news, I was just shoveling food into him the same way I used to do when he was a baby. He can and does feed himself, I just was tired of sitting at the table and wanted to move things along. This hanging out with the family over dinner nonsense is fine in small doses. So. It went like this:

me: open the barn door, here come the cows!
Studley (mouth closed)
me: open the hanger doors, here comes the plane!
Studley (mouth firmly closed)
me: open the bulkhead... the band needs to practice?
Studley (mouth flies open)

Back to the newsletter. I sent out an email version this year. If I know you IRL and you didn't get one, please let me know and make sure I have your email address. If I don't know you IRL and you still want one, please fill out the application (which you will need to first create) and email it to me.

I am a big fan of the emailed newsletter. First, I saved piles of cash on stamps and ink. Second, people actually RESPOND to emails. It was like Christmas all over again, hearing from all those people. Including at least one "I'm sorry, who are you again?" And that was without emailing David Lowery, whose address I came across while compiling my list. It was seriously tempting.

And third, I could dream it up two days before Christmas and still be on time.

Yes, I send out those annoying newsletters everyone hates. I cannot resist yet another forum for discussing myself and my family. Because I don't get to do that very much, you know?

So my question to you is, what do you do with the cards you receive, after they've run their course of decorative usefulness? Keep them? Make piƱatas? Burn them in a New Years Eve ritual pyre?


Lisa {borrowed heaven} said...

I never thought about how e-newsletters are more likely to receive responses...that is a good point!

I find that (for me) saving all the cards/newsletters/etc. is just too much clutter. I just don't keep that kind of stuff. But, before I pitch them, I lay them all out and take digital photos of the "special" ones - like the photo cards. That way I "have" them, but don't have to store them. I actually use this technique for all sorts of things that I'm ready to pass along but that have some sentimental value - taking a picture makes it easier to let go of things.

Kristin said...

Um. I don't actually display the cards. Ever. We have no flat space on which to put them. Which means I keep them in a pile on the windowsill. The pile will eventually migrate to the larger pile of Mail Belonging to the MiL (since they're really her cards, anyway), and then I don't care what happens to them because they are no longer my problem.

I do read all the newsletters, though. Because I'm a nosy one.

JAbel said...

Funny cause right after Thanksgiving I opened up a drawer in my dining room buffett and found X-Mass cards going back ten years.I kept all the photo ones of nieces,nephews and friends kids and finally tossed the rest.Now if I could bring myself to throw away winter pants and clothing that dates back to my move west in 82 and will not fit me again till my 9late 80's if I make it that far.My word id for this post solem.

Marilee said...

I keep the cards until I mark in my little book of who we sent & received from. Sadly, our list includes a lot of DH's college & musician friends -- once in 10 years they say how nice it is we keep in touch! Maybe if we did it online we would get more response? hmmm. Then I look to see if any of the images are charming and vintage (they make lovely tags for the antique shop of "one day"). The rest go in the recycling box. So thanx! Yours doesn't clutter up the house and I learned about this blog!

Laggin said...

I keep them until the next year in the Christmas basket I have for this purpose. I reread about my favorite people and then toss them.

And I personally love the newsletters.

AD / New Girl said...

I love the newsletters. LOVE them. Good on you. Prepare to receive my application!

Bella said...

i keep the photo cards of the kids that the girls know on their "office" board so they can see their friends all the time and I take note of the people who I put on the card list for next year and recycle the cards.

Susan said...

You are all very organized and do many of the things I intend to do every year. Like make a list of who sent and who to send to next year. Usually I put them in a box for this purpose and then throw them out to make room for the next batch, untouched.

And Lisa, I think that picture thing is the secret to everything, including why your house looks so much tidier than mine.

New Girl - first, congratulations on the news I received by stalking you through Feendish! Second, your application is on the tippy top of the pile.