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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scargo Pottery

If you don't shop at the mall and aren't concerned with cleaning your house for holiday company, December kind of rocks. Everywhere you look, there's stuff to do. And people are happy. And the kids? You can pull that "Santa's watching" line on them over and over again.

I love Christmas. I am officially in the Christmas spirit.

Yes, Christmas. Because I don't know much about the other holidays and I'm too invested in the holiday of my youth to change now anyway. Invested in a "how did two boxes of Christmas whatnot turn into four boxes" kind of way. Can you imagine what would happen if I went multi-cultural? We'd have to move out.

Today's escapade involved a pottery studio and some eggnog. My friend invited us to meet her at Scargo Pottery for their annual open house. I have never been to Scargo Pottery, so I was in.
At the Scargo Pottery open house, you look at cool pots and sculptures and art, and then you elbow your way into the studio part of the gallery to a table that's covered with little cups. Hundreds of little cups. You get to pick out one and then wait patiently for someone to fill it with eggnog. Eggnog which, I might add, is mostly made with whipped cream.

But enough about the eggnog. The cups! Oh, the cups are brilliant. They are all different colors, and mostly the same shape (although Lucy picked one that was squished into kind of a spiral). It is So Hard To Choose. Mine is burgundy at the top and a natural speckled brown at the bottom. Lucy's is beige with brown speckles all over. It looks like an egg.

Part of me was all "where do you buy these things? I want eight!" and the other part was glad they don't sell them. I love the idea of going with Lucy every year and adding to our collection.
Today is the only day they give out the little cups, but a trip to Scargo Pottery is a gift in itself. It is a whole different world, tucked into the trees overlooking Scargo Lake.

So. Today Lucy and I received gifts from strangers and started a new holiday tradition. We are full of holiday cheer and ready for all that's ahead. After all, we don't really need anything at the mall, and although we are expecting company, why start cleaning now? It would be a total waste of a strategically low-set bar.

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