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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

William Jackson

I would like to point out that this is my 50th music post. It seems I have written about music more than anything else, which I did not anticipate when I started this blog. And yet? I am considered a Mommy Blogger.

Which is totally cool. I don't make my kids call me Aunt Susan when we're out in public. I wear my noodle necklaces with pride. I just think it's funny. I'm not a copy writer, I'm a working mom. I'm not a semi-kept woman, I am a semi-employed stay at home mom. I could be so much more glamorous if I were allowed to make up my own titles.

Anyway. I wanted to tell you about a Scottish musician I heard last week, William Jackson. On his website there's a quote from Alastair Clark, " ... the great thing about Jackson - the skill and artistry of the man - lies in his lightness of touch. William Jackson will leave you asking for more."

I'm sorry, but the seventh grader in me is having a heyday with that statement. I can't help but wonder if William Jackson was thinking the same thing when he included it in his bio. I mean really. Jackson is talented and all, but I wouldn't be wasting valuable pixels if he weren't so darn funny. Oh those dry, clever Scots. At one point he said something that made the conductor have to stop and collect himself. Something about the TSA people asking him if he was the harpoonist, I think.

He is not a harpoonist, he is a harper. I believe harper is the right word, and not harpist. Whatever it's called, I imagine it's much easier to get a Celtic harp on an airplane than a harpoon. Just a guess.

I have to admit, I am not so into Celtic music. It all sounds a little New Agey to me and makes me feel like I should hang crystals in my windows and wear more purple. But Jackson's music failed to annoy me. Maybe it's because he's actually Scottish and not Scottish through a past life regression. Or maybe because he played his own compositions and they were simply better than what I had heard in the past. Or maybe it was the spiked eggnog.

It's really anyone's guess.

Jackson played several instruments in his compositions - not all at the same time. What do you take him for, an organ grinder's monkey? He played harp, a flute thing, and something that looked most like a mandolin but wasn't. Obviously, I am not particularly well versed in these things.

I am sure I knew a lot more about traditional Scottish instruments at one time. After all, I'm part Scottish (I think?) and surely a past life regression would uncover a wealth of knowledge. Perhaps I will next report a talent for uillean pipes.

You lucky buggers.


Ms Picket To You said...

check out martyn bennett. tiny little scottish sprite, died way way too young, kind of trippy celt music, bagpipe electronica (a word i officially hate).

(Um: the word verification? it's "hooter". Just thought I should share that.)

JAbel said...

I noticed they changed the word verification from just a jumble of letters to better stuff of late.Just now mine was ginesc which I assume means relating to Gin.

Kristin said...

Well, I AM a kept woman. It's a nice gig if you can get it.

Susan said...

Ms. Picket - Will do! I love finding things I like within genres I dislike.

jabel - relating to, or the result of.

kristin - You have a pretty cool kept woman gig going - including but not restricted to the butchering of roadkill. How'd your manicure hold up?