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Thursday, January 1, 2009


At 11:58, the phone rang.

Chris (from bar, where he is working): Hi honey!
(background cacophony prevents him from hearing my answer)
Chris: Two minutes to go! Oh, someone's beer just flew by. Or maybe a pint of fine red wine. HI HONEY!
(still unable to hear my response)
Chris: Can you hear the band? I don't know what they think they're playing. HI HONEY! That's quite a song. Can you hear it?
( background cacophony swells)
Chris: HI HONEY! (to someone else) can you see it? Doesn't matter, just start counting.
Someone: 1, 2, 3
Chris: no, backwards..... HI HONEY!
People in bar: 11, 9, 15...
Other people at bar: 7,6,5....
Some other people: what?!? 10, 9, 8....
(general outburst suggesting midnight)
Chris: Happy New Year!!! HI HONEY!


Fred said...

Yeah ... that's pretty much how it sounded at the bar, too ...

Momo Fali said...

That's what it sounded like here with just my husband and two kids around. Inventors of noisemakers should have to live with my children.

Bella said...

i had a nightmare like that once and i woke to having three kids all smothering me and...no wait, that was real. so, bars haven't changed much in 5 or so years, huh?

Ms Picket To You said...

is t a bad thing, since i was with the hubs this New Years, as always, that i find this so so romantic?

Susan said...

Fred - I thought you'd like the transcript, in case you forgot some details.

Momo Fali - I, too, have some ideas for the inventors of noisemakers.

Bella - heavens to betsy, has it only been 5 (or 6) years since the scene was blessed with our presence? It seems an eternity.

Ms. Picket - We are just hopelessly romantic. Stress on hopelessly.