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Saturday, January 24, 2009

admit it, the tooth fairy's a little creepy

What are you supposed to do with kids' teeth once they come out? I know the part about trading it for a buck, but then what? You can't send them to people because that's a federal offense. No mailing human body bits. So what do you do? Make jewelry?

Yesterday Lucy lost another tooth, which is great except I only had a 5 in my wallet and I can't give her that or she'll expect the price of each tooth to raise in five dollar increments. She has 20 teeth. I can't do math but that just doesn't seem like a good scenario, financially. Unless you're her, and then it totally works.

So I took a dollar out of her piggy bank.

Don't worry, I put a bunch of quarters in the pig to make it up to her. I don't know why, but the tooth fairy shouldn't travel with quarters. They would weigh her down and it makes the whole thing less believable. Ethereal being who comes at night and gives a dollar for discarded body parts? Totally believable. Rig her up with a roll of quarters and you lose all credibility.

We're already on the cusp of losing faith in fairies. I'm generally pretty straightforward about things with the kids. I don't push the Santa thing or the Easter Bunny. But fairies? We employ them quite a bit around the house and I'm not willing to admit the truth when Lucy asks if they are make-believe. Which she did when she went to bed last night. At one point, she even identified me as the tooth fairy - completely nonchalantly. But those other fairies (insert assorted house fairies here) - they're obviously real. Lucy said so herself.

Today on the way home from school Lucy started talking about Santa Claus again. She knows that the Santas at the mall and at parties and pretty much everywhere else you look are not the real Santa. She refers to them as Santa's helpers, which I think is pretty accurate. She has come up with complex and detailed explanations regarding the Nature of Life in Regard to Santa and the Fairy Realm. Based on what she knows from books and general knowledge, she has come to her own conclusions and made all the pieces fit.

It will be so much easier for her when I finally come out and tell the truth.

And then I started wondering if there are some truths I haven't been told yet, about the Nature of Life in Regard to Time and Space. That some day, I will hear just one thing that makes all my self-invented explanations fall away and I will see things clearly as they are. I am pretty sure there is more (or less) to the story than what I've pieced together from books and general knowledge.

Or maybe I've been told and I have refused to whole-heartedly embrace the truth.


m j casual said...

I think it's difficult to assist our children Across The Bridge Of Truth re: Santa Claus et al. because a sense of wonder is such a fragile and precious commodity. Plus, Santa never has to leave a note stating that he kept the receipt and if you don't like it or already have it or it doesn't fit, etc...
I would recommend having the family view the DVD of Terry Pratchett's "The Hogfather", followed by a roundtable discussion of quantum physics, hidden variables and alternate universes.
Re: fairies, I would recommend picking up a copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Coming Of The Fairies". Later on you can explain to Lucy what people did Before There Was Photoshop.
These two items should muddy the waters of perception & belief for a while.
As for our own perceptions & beliefs, we are still more like accessorized apes than star children, I think. We continue to slowly shed the superstitions and outright bad guesses of our past as we learn more about the complex clarities of existence. As it happens, yours is one of the perceptions I trust the most in this regard, and your children will be well served by both you and Chris in these matters.
My word today is joideco, which is defined as a charming musical mixture of French chanson & New Orleans zydeco.

Dana's Brain said...

I don't have any wise words to relate in the make-believe vs. non make-believe scenarios. (You saw my post on god and all.)

I just have to say that I laughed out loud about the tooth fairy borrowing money from the piggy bank because I have done the exact same thing!

Kristin said...

I think I used to get a quarter per tooth. You really got screwed by inflation, huh?

Marilee said...

About what to do with the teeth. . . you can keep them in your jewelry box, but in less than 10 years they will have turned into bits and pieces of teeth. So if you throw them away now, you save your kids the horror of discovering their baby teeth have all fallen apart. I don't think my son was traumatized by the sight of teeth bits, but you never know. At least he knew by then that I was the tooth fairy.

Debbie said...

My kids all kept their teeth, which thrilled me. I never had to deal with the "what to do with them" dilemma.

Celia said...

I am dying, that is so funny. You know I got a fifty for my first tooth from my Grandma.