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Thursday, January 8, 2009

all the leaves are brown

My friend Mrs. Greenjeans sometimes gives me plants. I think she gives them to me because she can't bear to euthanize them herself.

First, there were the sunflowers, which, incidentally, marked the start of our friendship. I fought hard for the longevity of those sunflowers, including taking them on vacation with us to our nation's capital, and later fending off an angry mama spider who had bound the entire top of one blossom. When I finally pronounced my success, Mrs. Greenjeans said "cool. The chickens ate ours."

Just as I was sitting back to relax after all the sunflower-related anxiety, Mrs. Greenjeans gave me a baby fig tree. I did okay with it, but then forgot to take it on vacation with us and came home to crispy leaves. After much prayer and fasting, the fig was resurrected and continues to live. It is the same size as it was when she gave it to me, though, so I'm thinking about ordering a larger one and switching them when she's not looking.

Since things seemed to be going better than expected, Mrs. Greenjeans gave me a begonia. It lived with us for a few weeks and then finally I had to go find Chris and weep on his shoulder.

me: It's dead.
Chris: what's dead?
me: the begonia. The rare, familial begonia, cut from the rare, familial begonia that belonged to Mrs. Greenjeans' mother. Mrs. Greenjeans' mother, who is no longer with us. (weep)
Chris: It's okay, it's with Mrs. Greenjeans' mother now.

(photo not included, due to graphic nature)

I am at Mrs. Greenjeans' house now. She is not watching me very closely, so I think I could get away with it. Does anyone know how to take a clipping from a rare, familial begonia? And not kill it?


Top photo of sculpture at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC - click to enlarge and see sprouts.
This post brought to you by the wonders of Picasa Web Albums. It's kind of fun to go through and look at all the pictures you've uploaded and/or stolen off the web - especially when you've flunked the upkeep of a family photo album. "Sorry kids, there are no pictures of you when you were little, but there's an awesome shot of the baby octopus I ate at a wedding."


Celia said...

You are doing better than me. My Dad trucked a cutting from my Gran's rose bush from California to Jersey for me. I refused it and cited my black thumb of death. I could just picture him coming round to check on the plant, which would have expired as soon as I got within two feet of it.

Debbie said...

My husband and my father can grow anything, just from air I think. I can kill anything. It takes all kinds.

Lisa said...

I had a begonia that really, really didn't like me. A fern as well, that same year, come to think of it.

Laggin said...

My theory is that I remember to buy food for my children. I can't be responsible for plants too.

Kristin said...

This is the kind of thing we keep my MiL around for. That woman is a walking botanical encyclopedia.

Ms Picket To You said...

i can't breathe just thinking about the begonia, snipped and grown from my beloved late grandmothers original, that the husband "pruned" for me. sob. sigh.