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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I really, really want Lucy to hurry up and go to bed so I can eat the rest of the rice pudding without having to share it with her. But she's making her lunch for tomorrow, and Studley's lunch for tomorrow. So I'm cutting her some slack and letting her stay up.

That doesn't stop me from twitching, though. I'm thinking I may have to go sit in the car for a little while. I keep spoons in there.

In other news, I have reached a high point in my personal career. I was chatting with my sister about going with her to visit my niece at college. My niece is not completely sure this is a good idea. She thinks we might embarrass her. Which is awesome.

Not only MIGHT I embarrass her, I am planning on it. It is, one might say, my whole reason for going. I have some truly diabolical wardrobe choices I'm considering, and am practicing my deadpan delivery of "want to see my piercings?"

I can't wait.

She might think this because I am truly odd. Or because of the airport stories of my youth. Whenever I met or was met by my sister at the airport, I did my best to alarm her. There was the time I arrived barefoot, offering a handful of religious pamphlets. Or there was the time I stopped at the five and dime and got an entire outfit of lavender polyester - including knee socks to go with the double knit walking shorts. That one kind of backfired because I was flying home to Colorado on spring break and the plane was full of cute skier boys.

What could my niece possibly be concerned about? I think what I will do is take my librarian glasses and look as smart as possible. I will be demure and charming. I will converse on many topics and win the hearts and minds of all her friends. And then I'll flirt with the boys.

But mostly, I'll put Lucy to bed and get to work on that pudding.


ps - God didn't think that bit about flirting with college boys was at all funny. Or maybe he's getting me back for the pamphlets. (photo of ominous weather map removed because apparently it's dynamic and stopped looking ominous. Who knew?)


Shannon said...

i don't know. I thought the religious pamphlets was hilarious. God should get a sense of humour. :)

Bella said...

oooh, can i help?

Corinne said...

There's most of a chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter and I'm hoping my hubby will go to bed and not notice half of it gone in the morning....

Years down the road your niece will think you're hysterical :) Embarrass away!!

Kristin said...

Oh man. My MiL made rice pudding with currants last week. It was the first time I had ever had rice pudding, and I have discovered I absolutely cannot be trusted around it. I ate pretty much all of it myself. Whoops.

Dana's Brain said...

So funny, I thought I was the only Mom out there who occasionally refuses to share!

Those airport stories? LMAO! Do your worst!

Lisa said...

From rice pudding to barefoot at the airport, this post had me giggling as softly as I could in my cube.