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Thursday, January 29, 2009

biographical information, modified

Chris hates facebook. It's just like high school, he complains.

He's right, it is just like high school. With one big difference: I can represent myself in words instead of in person. Let me just say that if I had been able to do that in real high school, my teen years would have been much happier. I can totally do words.

If I wanted to, I could be a fan of the Smithsonian, Chicago Opera Theater and Dostoevsky. I could be perpetually enigmatic in my status updates. And my fellow high schoolers would say, "dang, she's really smart and sophisticated!" They will writhe in the knowledge that I am superior to them in every way and dagnabbit it they should have been nicer to me because I can now TAKE THEM DOWN PLAYING MAH JONG. Or ballroom dancing.

Or I could be a fan of Bukowski, Incubus and the Mercury Lounge, and my fellow high schoolers will say to themselves "seriously? The skinny kid who spent most of her time hiding in her locker?"

I could also start a group called Trophy Wives Anonymous, or, No Matter How Hard I Try, I Simply Cannot Age or Gain Weight!

As it is, my fellow high schoolers are probably looking at my status updates and saying "wow, she's dorky." I need to maybe work on those.

ps - oh look, the boy who lit my hair on fire in 5th grade is now on facebook. I shan't be friending him. Who are YOU not friending?


Dana's Brain said...

My first ex-boyfriend. I just found out recently that he is on there - staying faaaaaarrrr away!

Lesha said...

I'm a lazy FB'er...I wait to see if I'll get friended, and I make the decision then. I haven't not friended anyone yet though. I'm pretty loose in my friending. But then, I haven't run across the girl who used to be my best friend in 1st grade and then beat my arm black and blue because she was mean and bigger then me in 7th. I won't be friending her at all. But then I like to believe she never became enlightened enough to know what the internet even is.

jenrebecc said...

i love the wording on the first post ... my first EX-boyfriend.

i actually UN-friended someone. TAKE that stealer of intellectual property.

Sturdy Girl said...

I'm anti-facebook. It's so - snoopy.

Celia said...

I don't friend anyone from my highschool. If I wanted them in my life, I would never have lost touch with them to begin with.

Also, WTF is UP with all the crap people send you like virtual seashells and inviting you to be in their fashion war?

thefoodsnob said...

I found a horrible girl who was snotty and cruel to me in high school, hoping she was a miserable cow.
She's Vice President for marketing for a high end clothing company, lives in New York, gets photographed in the Hamptons, etc.

Et tu Karma, et tu?


Liz said...

As a newbie FB'er, I am keeping it small, not publishing anything and am glad that no one I want to keep out of my life knows my married name, or in many cases, even had the faintest clue as to pronouncing or spelling my maiden name. And those miserable warthogs from high school can just stay in the past...
End rant.

Debbie said...

My oldest kids and my husband are on facebook. I just don't have time for that and my blogging obsession:)

Anonymous said...

i'm really late on this one but i almost made that my status one day- "do you accept friend requests from people you don't know?" i actually removed two.. . after i realized i didn't know them. yikes. -erica