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Saturday, January 10, 2009

coffee talk

For Christmas we got my mil a new coffee maker, because we broke her old one. By we, I mean Chris. Also, it was one of those two cup deals and she drinks about 6 cups a day, so I was making a lot of coffee. And I'm lazy. And there was nothing in it for me, because I flatly refused to drink coffee made by that horrible little pot.

Anyway. We got her this glorious coffee maker, that makes 10 cups of delicious, piping-hot coffee, whether or not you happen to be awake. Which is brilliant. Especially when you remember to set the timer before going to sleep the night before.

Or at least, it would make 10 cups. We're still making 7 cups because we have all these #2 cone filters and I'm too cheap (I like to call it thrifty) to buy the #4s until these are all used up. I can't fit enough coffee for 10 cups in a #2 filter, unless I use two filters and some tape. Which I hadn't honestly thought of until just now. So we may be burning through those filters faster than I thought, after all.

The new coffee maker has an automatic shut-off, for those times when I'm not around to notice that the coffee is starting to smell like burnt socks. That's handy, because it keeps more pots from breaking when Chris goes to wash them and they explode due to sitting on the burner, empty. It's also handy because my mil has no sense of smell and will gladly drink the burnt sock brew. Which makes me queasy just thinking about it.

Which reminds me, yesterday I overheard one waitress say to another, "you know, I had the same pot of decaf on all day yesterday." I may be provincial, but it has not been my experience that coffee gets better when reduced to a syrup. The worst part of that story? I was there to write a restaurant review. They are so lucky I didn't go yesterday. Hearing about it is one thing, mistakenly taking a swig of it is quite another. I think for my review I would put a big brown spot in the middle of the page and explain that that's where I spit out the coffee. And then I'd tell the guy who pays me that the brown spot was covering 800 or so words.

Which would be kind of an awesome review. Unless you're the restaurant, and then not so much.

edited to add: wow, people make cool coffee! Do you have a different way to make your coffee, or do you set a timer like me?


Laggin said...

It might not be good for the restaurant, but it would be true!

Kristin said...

I hate to make coffee. So what I do is, I make one big pot that lasts us for about three days. That might be gross, if not for a couple of things:

1) I only drink New Orleans coffee with chicory, which is made really, really strong and then mixed with an equal amount of milk. This means it's so bitter on its own, you can't taste any off flavors anyway. Especially because I never leave the burner on underneath it.

2) My grandmother always used to make a huge pot of it and leave it in the refrigerator. I leave ours in the pot on the counter, but our kitchen is so cold, it might as well be a refrigerator.

I know this grosses some people out. To which I say . . . make your own damn coffee then, and leave mine alone. I don't want to share, anyway.


I rock one of the stove top Napolitano espresso makers of my ancestors. The ritual has a calming affect for me, not the best morning person on the Outer Cape. The coffee is excessively strong and I like it black. It is quite thick. Good lord that sounds naughtier than I intended, anyway a few of those in the early morn keep me from taking a hostage.

Kristin said...

Okay, Susan, you're not going to believe me, but I've been planning a post about coffee in my head since about Friday. Our brains are working along the same wavelength. I haven't written it yet, but I'll probably post it this week. And then you'll learn all you never wanted to know about my coffee preferences.

Beth said...

I love me some coffee! Since my rate of consumption has been steadily increasing, I've moved up from my little Senseo machine (that I filled with my own favorite coffee in little reusable pods) to a real machine with a pot. We tried a big ol' fancy machine that grinds beans as you need them....but that was scary when you awake to a terrible grinding noise. Then the pot overflowed...apparently there was some conflict with water treated with a softener. That baby went back to the store. Now I'm on to a lovely Bunn.....no frills though. So I don't wake up to the smell of coffee, but I am so pleased with the product. I am very aware though of the "coffee reduction" if the pot sits on the warmer too long! Yuck!