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Friday, January 9, 2009


Okay all you people who begged and pleaded for me to follow you on your blog so you didn't look like you were all alone at the lunch table - I am all alone at the lunch table.

So please go to my sidebar and scroll down to the follow me thingy. Give Fred and Liz a little company, hmmm?


Marilee said...

I will add myself to your followers list when i get home and have some kind of photo to add. Don't want Fred or Liz to feel lonely.

Kristin said...

I didn't beg, and I don't follow. Mostly because I'm too lazy to click all the buttons. But I used to often be alone at the lunch table (all those military moves, ya know), and it's not so bad. To this day, I can go to movies and eat in restaurants by myself. Even prefer it much of the time.

Maybe I'm just weird. Yeah. Probably that.

Peace Turkey said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for the comment! What a small world it is! And I do so love Lisa's blog.

I love your "And the point should be" blerb on your blog. Having been to Tuscany, I can say that the mudane tasks of everyday seem positively exciting there. Grocery shopping? Delightful. Getting ice cream? Amazing. Grilling out on the patio? Best smelling steaks ever. Something about Italy does make you realize that once you're back in the US, beauty is everywhere once you learn that simplicity is a pretty beautiful thing.

::Very intense thought for Saturday morning. Clearly, I need more coffee to drown these maudlin thoughts::

Celia said...

I still can't figure out how to do that. I always end up giving myself a live bookmark whatever the heck THAT is.

Anyhow, I love your blog and it is linked to on my site and whenever you make a new post it kicks you to the top of the queue.

Laggin said...

Will you reciprocate? Pretty please?

JAbel said...

I'll follow as long as you don't make us all drink cups of kool-aid en masse somewhere down the line.

Susan said...

Thanks everybody! I should have been so forthright in high school.

Marilee - see you soon! Hope you 2 had a fab time.

Kristin, I LOVE going to movies and restaurants by myself.

Celia - Thanks for the link! I have a pile of those live bookmark thingies, too. No idea.

Peace Turkey - maudlin is a very big word for a Saturday morning.

Laggin - done!

jabel - Kool-aid, no. But I do make some delicious punch.

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Yes yes yes indeed, Lady Trout, I will follow you across the bogs and clanflats of cyberspace. How's about a little squid pro quo, amigo? Ok fine. Heigh ho.

Beth said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by my little "beginner's" blog. I'm glad you found me! I just poked around your blog a bit....it's going to take me a while to read through.... I like your Seinfeld-esque-ness!