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Friday, January 16, 2009

googley eyed

Oh my invisible friends, you have no idea how close we were to parting ways forever.

Last night google wouldn't accept my password. No, they hadn't shut down my account for nefarious activity including my disinclination to heed their spell-check advice. It just didn't work.

Chris had gone to bed early, so I let him sleep (hear that, honey?). I tried to go to bed myself, and lay there, saucer-eyed in the semi-darkness. I may have slept with my eyes open, with a look of panic still on my face.

As an aside, nothing is better than falling asleep in a room lit with moonlight reflected off snow.

Back to the End of Times. I waited until 8 this morning to start begging Chris to fix my google account (heavens to betsy just do something already oh my lord I can't take it anymore is it fixed yet?). I show him how when I put in the password the page keeps refreshing with a captcha (which, what? Captcha is a correctly spelled word now?). We go to the page where one resets the password. It says it will send the link to a secondary email address. Which is precisely why I didn't do that last night.

My secondary email address is redirected to gmail and the domain that hosts it is not accessible to mere mortals. So the password info will be sent to the email address I can't access because I can't get the password it's sending me, with which I could access the email account to get the password to access the account to change the password to get the email to change the account to enter the password on the account I can't access. To get the password.

(eyes spinning dangerously)

I continue to have a nervous breakdown because not only is google the proud keeper of all my email, IT HOSTS MY BLOG. And google reader. In short, life as I know it. While I am having my nervous breakdown, Chris is on the phone with our host (we are parasites?) and has my secondary email redirected to one of my other 700 email addresses - the password to which I remember, miraculously.

There is something on the help page which says "do not attempt to access your account for 24 hours" and we both brace ourselves for the hardest 24 hours of our entire marriage.

I get the link from my re-redirected secondary email and type in my password which is my old password but I am calling it my new password for their purposes because I will learn how to do backflips if google asks me to and typing in my old/new password seems to be not so much to ask.

Chris and I both read the 24 hours bit again, and collectively conclude that we only have to wait 24 hours if the password thingy didn't pop up. Which it did. We hold our breaths, and I open gmail.

It works.

It's good to be back among the living. Now if someone could please convince Lucy that the time for singing Christmas songs is over, life would be pretty much perfect.



me: uh, can you re-redirect my redirected email so I don't have to check multiple accounts?
chris: no

We are waiting for the end of the guy's shift before calling back to have it switched back. I'm thinking about hanging out in the ISP's parking lot and monitoring the door. It is impossible to please me.


Sturdy Girl said...

Thank God.

I am now busy trying to remember my secondary email account.

mjcasual said...

Did Google offer any explanation and/or apology?
Sorry you had to endure this -it must have felt like you had eaten some insufficiently cooked muctanci.

Dana's Brain said...

My issue is I use the same password for pretty much everything. (Flouting all good password advice.) SO if someone does find out what that password is - I am truly f'd.

Now I'm password paranoid.

Maybe Lucy and my kids can start a band that travels around the country singing Christmas Carols all year long. Because "Jingle Bells" is still a daily occurrence in our lives!

Kristin said...

Woah. That was a close call.

JAbel said...

I still have my X-Mass lights on my little fake tree turned on each night.I don't know why I just like looking at them. My word is Shaluyeb which I beleive Is the celebration of when the Jews first ordered Chinese Takeout.

Debbie said...

What the heck? You couldn't try to get on for 24 hours? Sometimes I think they make up these rules just for their amusement.

Marilee said...

This just makes me sure the time is right for a Nerf hammer to be manufactured and sold/given with every new computer purchase. Then when these problems occur, you do not take the Craftsman hammer to your keyboard ... and insure it is easily 24 hours before you can go on. I offer this nerf suggestion to anyone who wants to run with it. I want no money, no credit, just one of those little babies for when the frustration level gets out of hand.

Stella Sparrow said...

O.K. Miss Trout Towers,, Relax..
I'm the one with the computer hurled off the top of my car because I was immersed in to much holiday and family activity.. I just got back my internal stuff in a clear case , I can see all its internal stuff, It's so sad I think I should have a grave side ceremony .
I was with out my side kick for 28 days... 810 emails to answer ! But I now feel whole !!

Susan said...

Sturdy - and verify your security question.

mj- am waiting for flowers. Muctanci?

Dana- Lucy's quite good at Jingle Bells, also Rudolf and White Christmas. I'm sure my kids and your kids could work up a set.

Kristin- yes indeedy. but it least it wasn't frozen to the wall.

jabel- "...when the Jews first ordered Chinese takeout." I have nothing more to say.

Debbie- and to test our marriage.

Marilee- brilliant!

Stella- right, sorry! Glad you are reunited with the vital organs. Shall we have a ceremony on Monday? Btw, 750 of those emails are from me and I demand answers.

mjcasual said...

Sorry - I forgot to include the definition.
Muctanci is a seafood and pasta dish that originated in Albania. It features boiled muctant, a hybrid crustacean found exclusively in the Mediterranean. A Muctant is the product of an unlikely yet intimate encounter between a horseshoe shrimp and a mussel, just as a mule is the result of a similar interaction between a horse and a donkey.
Muctanci consists of boiled muctants strewn across a bed of egg noodles and topped with strips of casu marzu, the rare (and illegal)Sardinian cheese that, to quote Boing Boing, "...is served riddled with writhing maggots that try to jump into your eyeballs as you eat it."
Experienced consumers of this delicacy shield their eyes while they eat to avoid this unpleasant interaction, although the more upscale Albanian restaurants offer World War I surplus goggles to their patrons.
Muctanci is often paired in the East with a side order of bonsio, a rare dish of boiled greens made from fermented bonsai leaves.